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Jan 19, 2009 07:55 AM

Are you the only foodie you know?

i dont really consider myself a true foodie, but i do love to eat. I love good food and i'm the guy who is always looking forward to his next good feast.

I do not know one single person who shares this passion. All of the people i know just eat when there passion for food, they eat the same repetitive typical stuff day in day out. Sometimes i try and get a friend to roll with me to a food spot but i can see the strong disinterest. Sometimes they will come but you can tell its more like they feel obliged since i asked them. For example, a friend once came with me to a top burger spot in NYC, after eating he made this comment "i could have made this at home" with a a tone that implied that he wasted his meal on the burger and fries. Whats funny is that his at home burger is comprised of the following, thawed wonder bread buns from the freezer,generic frozen meat patties,halfway stale veggies, and whatever cheese and sauce is sitting in the fridge door, lol.

At the end of the day i understand, since i'm sure that some of the people i know have passions in which i have no interest. So, for now, i'm the lone eater...time to explore some more of what NYC has to offer. Anyone else consider them self a lone eater?

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  1. There is another foodie I have spoken with here in south Florida that was quite a radio celebrity here. I choose not to tell her name, but now she lives in the New England area. I wish she was still here in south Florida. I really enjoyed her show.

    1. Most of my friends are undergraduates or just a few years out of college. A good number of them are as passionate about food as I am. I actually know several guys, like me, who like to cook. And there are always a few people who are game to try a hole-in-the-wall in a sketchy part of town if it might be good. Not to say that I don't know many Applebee's/Hamburger Helper types, but I'd say a fair number of my peers are chowhounds, whether they label themselves as such or not.

      I wonder if it's a generational thing, thanks in part to the gourmet food trend and the age of Food Network.

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      1. re: Agent Orange

        Hmm i dunno.

        I'm in my early 20's and the people i know are pretty much only into liquor

        1. re: ORyan

          Are they into good liquor or lousy liquor? If they are into good liquor than they are probably prone to slip into really being into food as well.

          1. re: KTinNYC

            "prone to slip into really being into food" - sounds like a good thing to me but made me laugh since it also read - good liquor as a "gateway drug" for good food. The phrasing makes it sound like the only food you could slip into is illicit.

      2. We have a lot of friends who are into good food but not into exploration of new (to them) things. They like good Italian and French cuisine but there's no way we can get most of them near an 'authentic Chinese, Japanese (a few love sushi, but that's all), Thai or Indian restaurant (to single out a few).

        This gets into some of the huge topics that have been posted here about where people are from, what their life experiences have been and how interested they are in food exploration based on those things. I traveled extensively (word-wide) on business most of my career and learned to appreciate lots of different cuisines, but I still think I'd be open to them if I hadn't. I find it disappointing to go to a Chinese restaurant and order Wor Won Ton Soup, Broccoli Beef, and Orange Chicken all the time when there is so much more interesting to enjoy.

        Where we live, most 'more authentic' cuisine is a minimum of 45 minutes drive, but I'd do it gladly, if we had people to share it with. We're all Baby-boomers so we're at a point where we're pretty much set in our preferences. Disappointing!

        Food Frustrated in South OC.

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        1. re: Midlife

          i know many. YAY

          the ex (sigh) and i loved to explore food.

          and btw it is not a generational thing, AO> i'm 48.

          but then every generation thinks they invented good sex, good drugs, good music, and knowledge how to party

          1. re: thew

            I'm 61 and I KNOW that MY generation really did invent all those things :)

            1. re: thew

              It wasn't a put down at all. Just something I've noticed. There seems to be more of an interest in exotic food and (for some) from-scratch cooking among my peers than, say, the peers of my parents (most of whom are of the Cream-of-Something soup generation.) Not scientific, but an observation of mine.

              1. re: Agent Orange

                How old are your parents?? "Cream-of-Something" soup would suggest to me either a lack of experience with food, a life of being catered to with "I only eat" meals, or possibly dietary considerations from health issues or aging.

            2. re: Midlife

              Same here. I have quite a few friends who love great food (and a couple who can cook really well too) but their love of food is mostly limited to all things italian, seafood and steak. I don't know anyone (besides my husband - and even this is iffy) who is really adventurous and passionate about exploring food.

            3. I sometimes find it hard to believe what a dearth of foodies there is in my life, especially considering that I live in New York. Most of my peers are interested in good food, but they are content to equate good with "trendy" or "expensive," and are little interested in going out of their way to find what is good outside their comfort zone. As it is, the only true foodies I know are a couple of folks quite senior to me, but it beats trekking to Queens by myself for an exciting Sichuanese meal or a solitary table for one.

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              1. re: JungMann

                ORyan, thank you for making me realise that I should not take my good fortune in good food loving friends for granted, and that includes my 25-year-old son who loves to cook, and his friends that love to eat at my his house and my house :-)

              2. I'm lucky, I have a boyfriend who loves to cook with me, for me, and enjoys going to random hole in the wall places with me. What makes me happiest though is the fact that he likes kimchi. My mother always said that was most important (:

                I also have a younger sister around the same age as me (she's 22 and I'm 25) who loves to go out to eat with me and cook. Her fiance also loves to eat and recently went to Seoul with my sister and my mother for a month. He ate everything and loved it all.