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Jan 19, 2009 07:46 AM

need rustic northern italian reco for birthday dinner for huge hound!

Hey guys, i have to make a reservation for my boyfriend's birthday. it just for the 2 of us. He's a big foodie (although prefers being called a "hound") and his favorite cuisine is italian - and for this dinner, im thinking rustic northern italian would be best.

Some of his favorites are perbacco, crispo, babbo…he’s been to a lot of restaurants so im struggling to find a hidden gem comparable to any of the above mentioned places that he hasnt yet been to. Reco’s should include restaurants with extensive wine lists. He’s big into pairings.


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  1. It is not mentioned often on this board, but I have friends who love Da Umberto. Worth looking into, as I think it would fit your criteria very well.

    1. Have you looked at Peasant? I'm not sure whether it's northern italian but it's rustic and the wine list was pretty good.

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        Havent been to peasant or da umberto...ill look into both of them,

        any other suggestions would be appreciated!!