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Jan 19, 2009 07:12 AM

Vatican lunch

Where would you eat lunch near the Vatican? I'm not looking for anything that complex.

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  1. Spinosi Alberto- Via del Mascherino, 60-62-64; Antica Trattoria
    Dal 1923 just outside, to the left of the Vatican; when leaving, walk to the left and thru the arches, then take a right and the next left.
    Tipica cucina romana; best caprese and meat lasagna; great lunch place

    1. Hi Richard, I second the recommendation of A. Spinosi. I was there last Friday 16th January 2009 for a late lunch after a tour of the Vatican. Ross from Angel Tours mentioned about this crazy restaurant not far from the Vatican, run by a Mamma and Pappa. The experience was hilarious. I walk in and Mamma bellows at me from across the room 'Cafe? Acqua, Vino?' Since my Italian is non-existent as is her English it was a comedy for both of us to understand each other. At no stage was I offered a menu - fortunately I had been pre-warned of the comedy that was likely to unfold! Mamma is the cook in her tomato spattered white teeshirt and an apron fashioned from one of the tablecloths. Hen-pecked husband runs around serving the food and doing as he's told! Trust me - it's an experience not to be missed! Pizza was great and at 7.50euros right next to the Vatican is good value for money. For 16euros I stuffed myself with a margherita pizza, a small caraffe of white wine, Tirimasu for dessert and an American coffee (long black as we call it in Australia). Some diners next to me had not finished their pasta meal (served in a big old aluminum baking tray in the centre of the table) and Mama came along and good-naturedly chastised them (well I think it was good natured!) for not finishing the pasta and proceeded to spoon out the contents onto their plates! We were all in hysterics!

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        I've been 3 x's; not sure what I love more...the food or the show. I have so many pics with these folks. might need to get on a plane sooner than later for that lasagna.
        and if you get the big salad, be sure to get the artichokes!

      2. Hi Richard, I second the recommendation of A Spinosi. I went there last Friday 16 Jan 2009, for a late lunch after a morning tour of the Vatican. As you leave St Peter’s Basilica, take the exit on the left, through the arches, then a quick right and then turn left (you can’t go any further anyhow). The green awning of the restaurant is a little way down on your right. Ross from Angel Tours mentioned about this crazy restaurant run by a Mama and Papa, where you are just as likely to be offered no menu, where Mama the cook walks around throwing lumps of wood-oven bread onto the tables and the husband is henpecked and just does as he’s told. The decor is just a riot (of colour, objects, photos, you name it!).
        I was offered no menu. I walked in and from across the room, Mama barks at me “Cafe? Acqua? Vino?”. My Italian is non-existent as is her English – it was a comedy getting her to understand that I wanted “mangare” – to eat. For 16euros I stuffed myself with a Pizza Margherita, a small carafe of bianco vino, a tiramisu dessert and a long black coffee, as we call it in Australia (Cafe Americano). I’ve included some photos, including one outside the restaurant looking back at the walls of St Peter’s Square. Enjoy and just go with the flow. So far it’s been one of my best experiences in Roma!