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Jan 19, 2009 07:06 AM

Wolfe's (former Peristyle) - inquiry

As an out-of-towner I never made it to Peristyle. Despite some effort I have found minimal [Internet] word on the new Wolfe's -- including on CH -- but I am still intrigued, and wonder about the food and the vibe. Any insight, Chowhounders?

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  1. Wolfe's cuisine after he purchased Peristyle and befor he renamed it paled in comparison to the endeavors of Anne Kearney. If you are looking for something resembling the glory days of Peristyle, you should try Bistro Daisy on Magazine: the ambience and culinary technique is very reminescent of the sorely missed Peristyle.

    1. We went to Wolfe's shortly after their opening. They offer a small plates menu. We ordered quite an array rounding it out with some apps. from the dinner menu. Everything was well prepared and very good to excellent. It's been a while and many dining experiences ago but I think it ran us $150 (pre tip)for about 9 plates and 3 cocktails. A search here should turn up my review.