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Jan 19, 2009 06:51 AM

Uno e Bino - how to contact them

Hello there -- After some thorough searching on this board (thanks!) I decided to book Uno e Bino for our Sunday meal in Rome; my husband and I are traveling there in a few weeks. I have tried calling them a few times, and have checked and re-checked the number, but I keep getting "number does not exist." I am dialing: +39064460702.

I was thinking that someone based in Rome (or someone who has been there recently) could let me know if the number has changed or if they're closed...

Thanks so much for your time. I'll write a trip report when I get back.

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  1. I lived down the street from Uno e Bino for a year. Try them at +39 06 445 4105. There are a few other great restaurants in the neighborhood, and if you're staying in San Lorenzo they would be worth checking out. For a real Roman meal, try a place marked "Osteria" at the intersection of via degli equi and via dei campani (I think it's really called Da Marcello). Another good upscale option is VinOsteria in via dei sabelli. In "piazzetta" there is a wonderful wine bar called Arco degli Aurunci, which has a large by-the-glass selection and a substantive aperitivo buffet. And for great meat, check out Rouge, which is past the tram tracks on via dei sabelli or via dei volsci--it's marked by a neon blue and red sign. Enjoy!!

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      The number the OP used indeed gets the recording, but the other number reaches Arancia Blu, the vegetarian restaurant in the same neighborhood. Uno e Bino is closed on Monday so there's nothing to be done till tomorrow. I often find them difficult to raise on the phone, but never got the inesistente message before. It isn't listed in the new Gambero Rosso Rome guide, nor is Vinarium, nearby, which we also liked.