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Jan 19, 2009 06:40 AM

Recommendations for 14th, 5th, 6th & 7th

Spending long weekend in Paris in April with my wife, daughter, her husband and baby. I own a well regarded French bistro in California wine country with great reviews from San Francisco chowhounders so I am preferably looking for great bistro. My wife is mostly vegetarian although she does love fish; but doesn't eat shell fish. My daughter has to eat three meals day. With baby with us and no where we can leave him (he is great in restaurant), we need suggestions for any recommendations meeting above criteria that start dinner service early so we can get back to hotel and get baby to bed. We are staying right off of Avenue Montparnasse near La Coupole. Would like to stay below 60 - 70 Euros per person. I should mention we have eaten previously at La Cagouille, La Coupole and Allard in these areas on a previous trip. Chowhounders can you help.

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  1. I can recommend two restaurants in the 6th: L'Epi Dupin at 11 rue Dupin just across the street from Bon Marche and recently redecorated. The food is marvelous and the service friendly and very helpful. Food lovers of all countries, including we Americans, are wellcome. We generally eat there for lunch and it is always full. The 3 course menu is a bargain at 36 Euro. The food is more elevated than most bisto cooking, but very informally served. We have eaten there for several years and never been disappointed, and we are easily disappointed.
    The second recommendation is Ze Kitchen Galerie at 4 rue des Grands-Augustins. This restaurant is very modern in decor and cuisine. Heavily influenced with asian spices, but in classic preparations. The food is light, and very flavorful. Again the lunch prix fixe is about 35 Euro. Completely wheelchair accessible. Pleasant service staff and very nice and extremely capable chef. Always a pleasant experience and great food. for more details. Reservations at both places for lunch are needed.
    Under no circumstances fall for Laperouse, one of the oldest bistros in Paris. the food and service were terrible this week and we were two out of 6 people unfortunate enough to be eating lunch there. If you should be in the 18th Arr. for any reason there is a new small restaurant there called La Table d'Eugene where we ate today and it was very good food with a waiter who worked NYC for a year and was very helpful with the menu. 3 course lunch for 32 euro with 5 choices of appetizers and 6 choices of main courses and desserts. 18 rue Eugene Sue. They will get an award from Pudlowski this February.
    Bon appetit.

    1. La Cerisaie is a place serving southwest regional food in Montparnasse and is lovely. It's very small, so booking is essential, and it would be worth asking them if there is a table more suitable for a groups with a baby - just because it is a tightish squeeze, and they may be able to put you in the corner or somewhere where there is room for a highchair.
      We went a year ago and loved it.

      This reviewer and her husband had the same main courses as we did, and she has put it in better words than I could have - so here's the link

      It's good value too.

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      1. re: Theresa

        Thank you for your posts. I appreciate the sugestions. Thanks also for the link to the more detailed review. I have heard about L'Epi Dupin for years but never made it on previous visits.

        1. re: Pammel

          At L'Epi Dupin your are seated "cheek to jowl" at tiny tables; food is OK, but it won't be a pleasant experience with a child. Good luck.

          1. re: Oakglen

            The new seating is slightly better than before the redecoration this August, but it i still very crowded.

        2. re: Theresa

          While La Cerisaie is among my favourites in that part of the city, it's definitely not suitable for a family with small children. Do not count on high chairs, but think of a larger kitchen. There's definitely no room at all for a stroller.

          On the other hand, I'd recommend chez Clément (right near Vavin métro stop), one of the better chain restos. Also, Le Parc aux Cerfs, Rue Vavin (right behind Le Sélect) lovely bistrot with space enough in the back for a stroller.
          Café Vavin, Rue Vavin, is nice as well for a hot or cold snack or the daily special. With nice weather, the terrace overlooking the square would be perfect.
          Just some of my thoughts and suggestions.

          Also, I would not recommend L'Epi Dupin with a small child. Not only it's usually sort of crowded, but at times, noise level can be pretty high.

          1. re: Dodo

            Thanks for all of the advice. Do either Chez Clement or Le Parc Aux Cerfs have web sites that you know of? I will google to see if I can find one.

            1. re: Pammel

              Chez Clément, yes:

              Le Parc aux Cerfs, no. It's an almost family run ndependent place.

              If you search with Google, I recommend You're likely to find things easier with the French version for France and lots of resto web pages have now English flags to click onto.

        3. Le Plomb du Cantal in the 14th, one block from the Montparnasse cemetery, has wonderful truffade and aligot with a variety of accompaniments from sausage to salad. Bustling place, inexpensive and open right through so early dinner should be easy.

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          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Le Plomb du Cantal, go hungry, very hungry!
            It's a fun place, always crowded and noisy though.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              I've been to the other "Le Plomb du Cantal", in the 10th, and well... as far as food goes, I didn't like it. Not that I was expecting anything from it (didn't choose the place), but still. The sausage was not good and the truffade so-so, and in regard to what's served I found that 20EUR is not that cheap.

              That said, you obviously don't need to eat starters/desserts at Le Plomb du Cantal as the mains portions are quite big and filling, so it depends on what one is looking for.

              1. re: olivierb

                Have you found a better aligot or truffade in Paris?

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  No, but I never had it in any other restaurant...

                  1. re: olivierb

                    Had it a number in Paris and the Auvergne. Problem with the dish for me, is that , whether truffade or aligot,made from cantal curds, the potatoes are fat enriched from the cheese and the texture is great. but the dish is heavy and quickly boring.
                    Give me a gratin or dauphinois with 2-3 year old gruyere any day.

                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                      Dauphinois with cheese...? You are obviously not a traditionalist/purist. Potatoes, lots of cream, a little butter and garlic and seasoning is all you need.

                      1. re: PhilD

                        Most recipes l have found and used for this dish employ cheese as well as cream. Have made it both ways with white and sweet potatoes, and IMHO, as a cheeseguy, the old swiss cheeses make it far better than without.

                      2. re: Delucacheesemonger

                        We always get aligot at Le Mistral, my husband's old cafe in the 20th, the one he used to go to when he was a broke student here in the 1980s. It's not at all a fancy place -- in fact, it's very bare bones. But I love their pavé aligot -- and they serve the aligot in a very countrified manner, which a big heaping pile of raw garlic to mix in. The owners are from Aveyron (in fact they're the sons of the original owner, who opened the cafe in 1954) and they've been friends with my husband for about 20 years. Again, this is not fine-dining -- nor is it in the arrondissements mentioned -- but it is honest, hearty fare, and one of the most authentic Parisian experiences you'll ever have (not a lot of tourists in the 20th!).

                        Here are some photos on my blog:

              2. You can try Millésimes 62 ,a modern restaurant with plenty of respect for the great traditionals of French gastronomy with a touch of Provence in the 14th

                Millésimes 62
                15 Place de Catalogne, Paris, Île-de-France 75014, FR

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                1. re: Zack99

                  Le Petit Pontoise in the 6th, 9 rue de Pontoise 01 43 29 25 20

                  Le Petit Troquet 28 Ruede l'Exposition in the 7th 01 47 05 80 39

                  Le Florimond 19 Ave de la Motte-Picquet in the 7th 01 45 55 40 39

                  Le Vieux Bistro 14 Rue du Cloitre Norte-Dame in the 4th, right next to Notre Dame, I assume you will be site seeing and this bistro is excellent 01 44 07 35 63

                  1. re: kittykatkid

                    I like LA Ferrandaise in the 6th. it is very informal and if you go early there is no reason you can't bring the baby. I assume you are a foodie so this is a Pudlo favorite. Le Bistro du Dome which is in the 14th is the cousin to Le Dome which is very fancy fish. Bistro has the same oysters, however. Short wine list and fairly simple but well prepared fish. I have never seen a baby but I have seen children. If it is warm enough you can go to almost any cafe and sit outside. If you feel like venturing to the 7th,Cafe Constant is a very informal place and I know they wouldn't mind a baby.

                    1. re: BarbaraM48

                      Definitely a foodie and want to eat at as many good places as we can taking into consideration our traveling group. Thank you for the suggestions. I will happily take as many recommendations as we get and will report back after our visit.

                      1. re: Pammel

                        Brasserie Fernand on Rue Guisarde is a great little place. Its in a touristy area but lots of locals eat there. Simple and great!