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Jan 19, 2009 05:06 AM

IXIA- not what I expected

DH and I went to Ixia on Saturday night with high expectations.
The space was lovely- the dining room was magical with lighting and design. Just gorgeous. Our server was professional and attentive without being overly so. There were not as many diners there as I would have expected for a Saturday night- but with the economy the way it is and the pricing on their menu, I guess it was not a surprise.
We had cocktails before dinner- I tried a specialty martini called Rosemary's Baby ($15) and loved it- gin, dry vermouth, rose water and a sprinkle of herbs d'provence. Very creative and tasty.
For appetizers, I ordered lobster mac n'cheese ($19) and DH ordered beef taretare ($16- I think?) Both were delicious- but my dish was swimming in oil and very heavy.
Then, DH ordered three cheese selection (each came with a compliment of sweet spread- fig, apple, etc for $13) and I ordered what I thought was going to be a light salad- it was loaded with cheese sprinkles, anchovies and a heavy dressing that came on the side.
For entrees, DH had steak ($38) and I had duo of beef ($32). My duo consisted of filet and 'pot roast'. Filet was VERY undercooked (i requested medium) and sitting in puddle of gravy and 'pot roast' was very fatty and served atop mashed potato. All in all, every thing was what I would call 'heavy handed' and over done. Even the few pieces of brussels sprout leaves were soaked in a mayonaisey-sauce.
Since our expectations were so high, I'm not surprised we were disappointed. We eat out so seldom these days (due to changes in finances) that I was really looking forward to the best. And at these prices, it really should have been, in my opinion.
I'd like to hear what others' experiences have been there of late.

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  1. Sorry for your disappointing meal, maddogg. Our experience was with delicate, somewhat exotic food that wsas inconsistently seasoned, but really interesting; certainly not swimming in fat. It sounds so different that I think there must have been a change of chef in the last year.
    Any other experiences and opinions?

    1. I have eaten there four times over the last 3 years and it was the most recent trip that I wasn't impressed with. To has now become just a fancy place for a drink and a lite app. in the lounge area. Way too expensive for a hit or miss meal.

      *the oil you are talking about on your mac and cheese is truffle oil that is dripped on top right before it is served....they must have just over done it.

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        To update this thread, Ixia announced they are closing this Friday. You've got a couple more days to check them out.

        1. re: KAZ

          KAZ--Ixia is closing; is that permanently? I am quite surprised and disappointed.

          Last time there, my husband and I had a wonderful meal. But, this wasin late 2007 or early 2008. So, perhaps they got sloppy and, hence, the closure.

          It's unfortunate--"another one bites the dust." FoiGras

          1. re: KAZ

            Ugh. We ate there in December 08 and have used it as an example that you actually CAN get big city fine-dining treatment in Baltimore - something we thought was extinct. I guess it is extinct afterall.