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Jan 19, 2009 05:00 AM

I Want to order food from Pittsburgh!

Hey all! We are having a SuperBowl party! I wanted to order some sort of food from Pittsburgh. Does anyone have any suggestions of a special food from there! Thanks!

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  1. There's always pierogies. And that sandwich that has the french fries in it. A case of Iron City is a must. Other than that, I draw a blank as to what distinguishes cuisine from "da 'Burg."

    1. I sent my family Steelers smiley cookies from Eat n' Park and they FLIPPED !!

      Go Stillers !

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        I love the cookies! We are in New Hampshire and my hubby is a HUGE steelers fan! Please keep the ideas coming!

      2. Heh, the smiley cookies are a good idea, at least easy to order. A lot of other stuff really wouldn't be that easy to order or ship, or really be worth it taste-wise either. You might be better off simulating it. You could, for example, simulate a Primanti's sandwich by putting the fries and slaw on there. Or you could choose a traditional Pittsburgh tailgating food that you can easily get locally. I'm thinking kielbasa, for example, always a tailgating favorite here (often with sauerkraut and probably serve on a bun).

        I googled "pittsburgh tailgating food" and the first hit was this

        which is a great post from 3 years ago the last time they were in the Super Bowl. I like the idea of Klondike bars, which again are readily available anywhere but originated here. The chipped chopped ham barbecue is also a tailgating staple (served on a bun, of course). Whether you can get the chopped ham actually chipped might be tricky. I remember growing up my dad, who is from this area, used to try to get it that way (referring to the way it is sliced, set so thin you won't even get full slices in a stack but rather a pile of thin pieces) in an area a couple hundred miles away and outside of the Pittsburgh influence. The deli counters there didn't always really get the idea of chipping. ;-) The Klondike bar and the chipped chopped ham are both originally from the Isaly company which still exists, sort of. They don't own the Klondike bar brand anymore, but depending upon how far away you are you might find this original brand of chopped ham in a local store.

        Have fun, I was actually at the game last night, crazy insane.

        1. One thing to have is good hot Italian sausage from Ricci’s.


          Kolbassi from Brittner’s

          I do not know if they ship. If not, Ricci's or Parma have kolbassi.

          And then some pierogi from Pierogi Plus

          Order your tee early.

          I think you will have to find a local source for buns for hot sausage or kolbassi sandwiches.

          Also there is Parma Sausage for salami

          1. I'd like to order some Reymer's (Heinz) Blennd mix. Anyone have a source?