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Jan 19, 2009 04:48 AM

Need help with Utica dining....

Looking for the entire range of dining options, from diners to "white table cloth" experiences. So far, have eaten in Perugia (in Clinton) a couple of times, but would like to find a handful of other options. No restrictions on type of food, establishment, etc. Breakfast, lunch, diner, snacks, etc. Just looking for the best options. Will gladly trade lower Fairfield County/northern Westchester tips. Thanks

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  1. having eaten once at Perugia (which my family and I felt was pretentious and overpriced), I understand your search for other options. our favorite Utica restaurant is Joeys Restaurant on Mohawk Street, a small, family-run, neighborhood red-sauce Italian place open for lunch and dinner. Portions are large (but not overly so) and prices are very reasonable (see their web site at they serve both home-made pasta ( we tend to favor the "hats", which are a orecchiette-like pasta), but also have enjoyed all their dishes - especially the chicken riggies, Italian greens, and the seafood) and usually they offer several specials (including tripe on Saturdays).

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      Thanks for the reply. Also looking for pastry shops, local specialties (besides riggies), etc.

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        a reasonably priced pastry shop that bakes traditional Italian pastries is La Florentine - which is on Bleecker St just a few blocks north of Joeys

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          Thanks. I saw that Bruce Bilmes and Sue Boyle also recommended Florentine's on the Roadfood site.

    2. went to school in utica, leave town for food.....

      1. Eat at the restaurant next door to the theater on Main Street. Best inventive meal in Utica. The name begins with an A (I seem to recall)

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          Do you know which theater, and the type of food?

        2. a few favorites from a college student in the area:

          Minar - an Indian restaurant with a great buffet, their chicken tikka masala and mango lassis are the stuff of legend on campus.

          The Phoenician - Lebanese cuisine. I especially love their tabbouleh.

          A fun place in Vernon (a little ways away) is The Only Cafe; it's tiny, and the menu changes every day based on what the owner has in his kitchen. Really good gourmet pizza and sweet potato burritos.

          1. I have cousins who live south of Utica -- whenever we visit them we go to Piggy Pat's BBQ which is described as being located in a suburb of Utica. I remember the restaurant as serving tasty, resonable food -- and having darn few other choices around. That's the extent of my knowledge!

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