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Jan 19, 2009 02:12 AM

Bangkok Airport

We have to stay at the airport this week, late flight in, early flight out. Anyone know of a great Thai or Chinese place to go? Thanks

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  1. Hallo MYCHOW,

    I am a Bangkok-ian.

    Two decades in (Krungtheep) Bangkok, Thailand. My DNA Finland, NOKIA-land I studied in Sweden, Germany and France. I am a freelance travel and wine writer.

    Listen: Taxi. Look for a brand new Toyota Altis (10,000 units have recenly hit the Bangkok streets) Tip: the bug eyed brake light and headlights. And they look new!

    DO NOT USE THE TAXI LINE. They'll overcharge you and the cabs are old & smelly! And they insist that you need a "Sabai' wet massage! Some people call them the Suwanabhuum airport taxi mafia.

    You must get a brand new cab at the DEAPRTURE HALL where they arrive to let off passengers. These guys all have meters and the are reliable. And they arrive all the time at the DEP AREA to let off their customers.

    Now eating well! OK: THAI cuisine tell the driver "larn-a-harn" Patara restaurant, classic Thai Address: Sathorn Road, Soi 11. Circa 45 minutes from the airport, depending on the traffic.

    Best Chinese: Royal Kitchen 912/6 SUKHUMVIT SOI 55, BANGKOK 10110. Fine Chinese dining located in the trendy, upscale Thong-loo rea. Drive time 40 50 minutes.

    And in case you want Italian: Zanotti 21/2 1st Floor, Saladaeng Colonnade Condominium,Silom Road. Sir Mick Jagger's favorite. Expensive. of course. Still a lot cheaper and Hong Kong or Tokyo. Drive time same as Patara.

    Bon Appetit

    John K LIndgren

    1. I think you ask about eating in the airport itself?
      There are "only" 10 or so options on the second floor, just walk around. S&P, Mr. Lee, Black Canyon (serving food as well), etc. I wonder how many Bak Mee Mu Deng they sell a day during the protest ... :-)

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      1. re: shengtang

        I think someone just came off a marathon tasting!

        S&P is pretty good Thai and located in the airport

        The area around the airport used to be a swamp. There isn't too much next to it,..yet.

        If you haven't been completely scared off from taxis, you might take a cab to Central City Bangna . "Na Siam" is pretty good Thai. It's run by the MK Group.

        I'm sure there is an MK Suki at Central City Bangna. They do a "hot pot" dinner. They also have good roast duck (with a side of green noodles).

        Don Muang, the former BKK, has a great eatery next door, "Puff & Pie". It is a restaurant run by Thai Airways catering. They offer some mighty tasty entrees.

      2. FYI;

        Besides of expensive food chains upstairs, please do try a food court downstairs which is a well-kept secret for all visitors. All airport staffs eat here because it's as authentic as you can get plus a lot cheaper (as cheap as 30 baht/serving for curry rice or noodles)

        Simple Directions:
        1 On Departure Hall, look for elevators around Entrance # 7 or 8,
        2 Press the bottom down to the last floor (not sure the level number)
        3 Walk out of the elevator and turn left to the doorway of this staff foof court
        4 Exchange your cash with some coupoun token for purchase of food.

        Then, you will realize that the airport will never tell passenger or visitors about this food court because it's dirt cheap compared to the ones upstairs. All staffs come down here as you can see them all when you get there. Good Thai sweet crepe next to the cashier. give it a try.


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        1. re: thanetkrit

          Thanks so much, thanetkrit - this is the BEST tip about dining at Suvharnabhumi airport I've ever got!!

          I was with Singapore Airlines years ago & we also have this huge staff foodcourt in T1 Changi Airport Singapore which serves 100% local foods at a fraction of the inflated costs at the eating establishments catering to travellers/tourists.

          1. re: klyeoh

            Second that! I think I know the spot you talked about. I can't believe I never had enough curiosity to go in there. I used to think that was a grocery store!

            1. re: shengtang

              In Bangkok, just about any large complex will have a "local" food court. In many cases, they are tucked away.

              Unfortunately, most food courts will also have good stalls and bad. Any good ones at Swampy?

          2. re: thanetkrit

            Just to expand on thanetkrit's directions, the food court is called Magic Food Point, and it is located on Level 1, near Entrance #8 and the Airport Express Bus ticket booth. I went in there the other night to check it out: the food looked good and the prices were very reasonable. As thanetkrit says, it was full of airport staff. Although I didn't see any tourists there, everything has English labels, so non-Thai speakers should find it very accessible. Just make sure to exchange cash for coupons before you order (if you have coupons left over you can exchange them back to cash when you leave).

              1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

                Unfortunately, I didn't try anything. I just wandered in while I was waiting for the Airport Express bus. But it looked promising (at least by airport food standards).

                1. re: SCS

                  I always like to know what's good. It's often the same problem with restaurants, why some people love a place and others hate it.

                  Anybody tries anything, let us know.

          3. There is a cafe in the airport that serves coffee, tea, smoothies, juice, etc and I think sandwiches as well. They make an amazing thai iced tea. Does anyone know what this place is called? I just can't remember.