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Oktoberfest bakery (lederhosen guy from farmers' market) storefront on University Ave, Berkeley?

So we were walking up University between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Milvia, and noticed what seemed to be new outlet for those delicious pretzl croissants and other German breads, previously only available (to me) on Saturday mornings at the Berkeley Farmers Market.

"Oktoberfest Bakery" seems to now have a genuine storefront on the south side of the street.
The lederhosen guy was in there, and they were arranging breads, but it wasn't actually open yet this Sunday morning.

Anybody been there yet? Could be deadly if those croissants are available every day. If you haven't had them, I definitely recommend a visit. The pretzels are good too, haven't ever had any of the real bread.

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  1. I've been there twice. The croissants and pretzels were quite delicious — but could have been fresher.

    1. They have been trying to open that storefront for the last year and a half or so. Hopefully they'll git 'er done so that you can find it even if you can't make the farmers market. I believe the street addy is 1954 University if memory serves me correct.

      1. link

        OctoberFeast Bakery
        1954 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

        1. We've been existing on his breads for a while now, using meats and cheeses and butter and jam as an excuse to eat more. Haven't visited the store yet but the pretzel bread, toasted, makes the most awesome breakfast sandwiches with melted cheese, egg, and sausage. The taste of the bread and the sesame seeds really compliment the filler. The peasant bread is yummy and the Jewish rye is quite respectable, though there's always that little moment of cognitive dissonance of Jewish rye and lederhosen. If you haven't tried anything but the croissants and the pretzels you're in for a treat.

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            So are they open or not yet? Anyone know?

            Also, by pretzels I'm assuming they mean the big, bready Bavarian-style ones, not the crispy, salty American-style ones, right?

            I've been looking for something to pair with the following recipe for "obatzer":

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              Yes, big bready bavarian (or Philly) style. Haven't had time to get to that part of University yet.

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                The lederhosen guy was not at the downtown Berkeley farmers' market in the flesh last week, but workers at his stall said the bakery site on University was open 8-5 Tu-Fri and some mornings on weekends... Sounded like that could change, though.

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                  I got in touch with Dieter, the Lederhosen guy, and he told me they are currently trying to establish their opening times, and finding out what works best.

                  Currently the opening hours are as follow:

                  Tuesday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
                  Saturday 9:00am - 3:00pm
                  Sunday and Monday closed

                  I went to their store today, and the Dirndl girl told me they plan on making pastry in the near future too.


            2. Made it there. Since this thread was a lot of speculation, thought I'd start a new thread

              1. The real German breads are the true find here. This is stuff you can't (can't) get elsewhere. Forget "rye" breads which are really wheat flour with brown coloring and a few caraway seeds. OctoberFeast (not Oktoberfest) makes genuine rye breads -- and in many different variants, all of them good (for one use or another).

                For those worried about such things, the glycemic index (and glycemic load) of these dense dark whole grain breads is much much lower than that of bleached wheat breads (yes, even our beloved local French loaves).

                These guys deserve our support. They've put everything into this business and we should help them make it.

                BTW the "Dirndl Girl" referenced in this thread is in fact whip smart, a terrific painter, and one of the bakers. (Her name is Sarah.)

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                  Can you expand on the different varieties of rye breads and their best uses, please? How much is a loaf? Looking forward to an upgrade from Oroweat, thanks.

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                    I'm not an expert on German breads, but contrary to a complaint posted above, anyone working at the OctoberFeast store DOES know about breads. (The "Dirndl Girl" is in fact one of the bakers.)

                    Their Jewish Rye is one of the few of their breads which works for an American style sandwich.

                    The other rye breads, because of their density, are more suited to open-faced sandwich use. Again, I'm not the expert -- ask them -- but savory combinations of cream cheese, capers, salmon, red onion are WONDERFUL with these breads.

                    They are also great as toast, and need nothing but a little butter to make a great breakfast or snack.

                    And no, I don't think Orowheat (or any of the other mass producers of fake "rye" breads) are going to upgrade (ever).

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                      I was very disappointed but not with the bread. I went in on what must have been beiläufiger Freitag. Attractive young lady in tee shirt and jeans, no dirndl. The rye I bought when toasted went well with my home made chopped chicken liver.

                2. October Feast at 1654 University Ave in Berkeley is now open almost every day. It is a wonderful shop and I have never had anything from them that is not fresh. I love the 'danish' with marzipan-there is nothing else like it. And the pretzel croissants as noted are amazing. I heat them slightly and eat them with good butter and peach preserves. They know their business and do it well. This stretch of University is really perking up with Chocolatier Blue just up the street and more food businesses opening soon.

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                    Hrs will change on 7/1:
                    T-F 11-6
                    Sat 9-3
                    Closed Sun & Mon

                  2. I love their pretzel croissants! They are now at the Stonestown Farmers Market.