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Jan 18, 2009 09:42 PM

Nice Spot for Valentine's Day......

Looking for a great spot for dinner in Boston. I don't care about area. I don't need a "valentine's place" where everybody else will be. I just want great food and somewhat romantic. My girlfriend mentioned Banq because she's never been. Any recommendations?

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  1. Banq is a very good restaurant with a decor that might have you looking at your surroundings, rather that at each other. It's a good choice, but not romantic. The Union Bar & Grill next door is a place also with great food, but a more sedate atmosphere.and a quiet ambience that many couples eeem to enjoy, from what I've observed the many times I've been there. I think that Pigalle and Grotto are very romantic places and are likely to be fully booked on Valentine's Day. You should also be aware that many places take advantage of the day by offering special, overly priced menus, so it's wise that you are planning ahead. I'm sure you'll get many more recommendations.

    1. We just made reservations at Salts, and requested the duck for two

      1. Suckers night out, where you get a limited menu, bad service and herded in and out like cattle. I'd opt for going out the week before or after V-Day for a romantic night out.

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          That's why my bride and I celebrate our anniversary on the very day (February 16th). We generally go out to dinner. This year we're going to Smith and Wollensky's. Over the past few years we have wound up in EMPTY restaurants many more times than not. Last year was an issue, thought because the 16th was the Saturday after Valentines day.

        2. I realize Valentine's Day is amateur night, but I don't live in Boston, my girlfriend goes to school there, and I will be there that weekend, so while it is amateur night, I still want to take her somewhere nice. Please any suggestions, as of now, i'm leaning towards Banq

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            Banq is nice. I like Toro's food and atmosphere more.

          2. Sorellina, No. 9 Park, Mamma Maria.