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Jan 18, 2009 08:57 PM

One night in Sydney

Hello, I am a single business traveler with one night in Sydney on my way to Perth. I'm looking for a great seafood restaurant in Sydney. I've seen on the site that Tetsuya's is generally considered the best restaurant regardless of type of food. Are single diner's welcome there? I'm in Sydney the first week of February. Thank your for suggestions and advice on places which tolerate lone diners.

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  1. Tetsuya's is very very good modern Japanese. Getting a table is difficult depending on the night of the week.

    The best seafood restaurant in Sydney is "Flying Fish". A single diner should not be a problem.

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      I would probably rate Pier above Flying Fish, though FF is good. Pier also has the Tasting Room which might be a bit more approachable as a single diner.

      As a regular solo diner (my wife isn't interested in joining me at gastrotemples) I would say everywhere in Sydney would be very welcoming.

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        Thank you both for your recommendations. Their web sites look excellent. Do you recommend advance reservations? I'm in Sydney on a Saturday night.

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      1. Try to get into Tetsuya' is sublime.

        1. I'm pretty sure that Pier has closed its Tasting Room section, but you could still eat in the main restaurant. Personally I would recommend Fish Face in Darlinghurst - it's perfect for solo diners because you sit up on the little bench tops. The quality's also just as good as Pier or Flying Fish, but for half the price. They only take bookings before 7pm - after that you just have to rock up and try your luck, but there's a pub nearby to wait in if there's not a table straight away. I can thoroughly recommend it. And personally, I'd steer clear of Tetsuyas - definitely not a solo place.

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            I saw one solo diner at Tet's..didn't seem to bother him..he was into his wine and meal.

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              Fish Face is awesome, i live across the road and go all the time BUT......Pier is just so much better. The qaulity is just as good amongst these restaurants (because they are usually using the same fish suppliers) but Pier's execution is close to perfection. Katrina Kanetani (Pier) is regarded as the best dessert chef in the country and seen as you're eating by yourself, the list of wines by the glass is also something that you should consider. Where ever you choose out of Fish Face, Flying fish and Pier, you'll enjoy it!

          2. I'm too late for the OP on this one but thought I would pitch in in case anyone else reads the board.
            The question was about seefood restaurants - Tetsuya is a set degustation menu and does not fit the ticket for recommendation for all questions no matter how sublime it may be!
            Four fish restaurants spring to mind whenever this question is asked...
            Fishface for low key
            Flying fish (Pyrmont)
            Pier (Rose Bay)
            The boathouse at blackwattle Bay (Glebe)

            As a lone diner I would be more relaxed in the latter two, but i've yet to stumble across anywhere that doesn't "tolerate" lone diners.