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Jan 18, 2009 08:55 PM

Neighborhood Bars.....whats still there???

coming back to New Orleans for the 1st time since K and was wondering whats become of some of my old neighborhhod haunts and FQ dives.....such as Markeys bar, Vaughn's, BJ's, The Friendly Bar, Buffa's, Cosmo's, etc.....Also how did the upper 9th fair??Cafe Flora, Big Daddy's (not the FQ strip joint) and what were the spots on St Claude ...the??Spellcaster and there was another bar across the the St Roch Market still there?/Any info appreciated...especially any low light dives that are great in the wee hours preferably downtown....however NOT interested in The Phoenix or Rawhide thank you very

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  1. Buffa's, Markey's, and Vaughn's are all still up and running. Can't speak for the other places mentioned.

      1. Friendly Bar, Buffa's, and Cosimo's all still alive and kicking as well.

        1. yep, all there. except spellcaster is a private club/event, not open like a bar.

          on st claude you may also want to check out St Roch Tavern, Kajun's Pub, and the Hi Ho Lounge.

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            right right......does Maria still own the Hi Ho and what about the Saturn Bar and is Cafe Flora still up and werent there a coupla fun neighborhood gay bars near Flora as well.....thanks for all your help,....cant wait to watch the sun rise from a bar stool and stroll down the street w/ a to go cup while the suits are goin to work;)

            1. re: Big Cicada

              Wow, these are names from my past. Except for Cafe Flora, I *assumed* that most were long gone, before Katrina. Shows how little an ex-pat knows.

              Is Cosimo's still going? That is unbelievable to me. Used to hang out there 30 years ago - maybe a different bar by the same/similar name? Geezh, I'm getting old.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                i have it on good authority that Cosimos has changed very lil.....the crowd has obviously changed a bit but the bar is prety much the same.......i hung out there in the early and late 90's and it was pretty timeless even then,,,,,cheers Mr Bill

              2. re: Big Cicada

                Cafe Flora, across the street from Mimi's, is still there.(mimis is still my favorite neighborhood bar, but their tapas has gone up to $7, getting a bit much for very small plates imo). the gay bars you mentioned, Big Daddy's (not on bourbon) & Cutter's are still there.

                Saturn Bar is also still around! heard they had a small fire but they are open.

                Hi Ho is owned by a young woman and her husband, last time i was there was 6 mos ago.

                Cosimo's is open, tho it's changed hands and the food biz inside has changed a couple of times. classic space, dark, wood, intimate, good bar.

            2. Sorry to say St. Roch Market got slammed and has not returned.