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[STL] Brunch

Looking for a good (Sunday) brunch in St. Louis. Any local favorites?

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  1. I love the brunch at Eau at the Chase Park Plaza. It is extensive, with a seafood bar, omlette station, breakfast pastries, lunch entrees, and desserts. It includes mimosas and bloody marys in the price, $40, which considering I usually have a few mimosas, it is a steal.

    They are also really good at the display of the food, which I think is a part of what makes a brunch special.

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      For a hotel that is trying to reestablish itself as a classy destination, and a restaurant serving an expensive brunch, it is insane that the Eau permits smoking. Unless and until they change the policy, I would spend my money and time elsewhere.

      1. re: nosh

        Next you'll fault them for transfats...

    2. I like Cafe Osage, which is attached to Bowood Farms, a local garden nursery. The menu is not extensive but it's not small either --- several choices of things like scones, waffles, eggs, salmon, etc. The ingredients are obtained locally when possible, and the service is friendly and prompt. The ambianc is nice too -- how could it not be nice to be eating in a garden shop? Even in the winter they have lots of plants - just a nice place to be, a nice way to support the local economy on many levels, and nice food and coffee (Northwest, a local roaster).

      1. People who have been say that Nadoz in the Coronado Hotel (mid-town) is very good.

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          Thanks, alan, you're not the first to recommend Nadoz. I will have to see if they have a website.

        2. I've heard some pretty good reports abt 3 Monkeys on Morganford... just haven't made it there myself yet.

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            I also highly recommend Nadoz...about $22, no booze included as I recall, but wonderful entrees,sides, and desserts, and more interesting than the usual brunch fare!


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              So, I take it they only have one menu (i.e. no difference between lunch/brunch etc.)?

              I was wondering why "Bittersweet Chocolate Waffles" were under the "Shared Plates" (at the bottom of the menu) until I read the description:

              "Bittersweet Chocolate Waffle
              With chocolate almond brittle and tri-dippers: nutella chocolate sauce, vanilla bean creme anglaise, and apple caramel 6.99

              WOOF! Sounds gut-busting.

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                It appears that way, menu-wise. Only gone for Sunday brunch, which is (or was when I was there last) a buffet. You can order a la carte, too.

          2. I would suggest the brunch at the Ritz Carlton. Large assortment including excellent desserts and champagne. Pricey at 49 pp but a nice splurge.

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              If you DO want to splurge. I second this one.



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                Given your moniker, I'm not sure why I should believe you. *wink*

                Seriously, the Ritz does sound great, but I'm looking for something a bit more low-key.

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                  Alot of folks like Ya Ya's out in the Chesterfield area. It is like 25 or 6 a person I think. Pretty good.


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                    We have a Yia Yia's (I think that's what you mean) here in Kansas City.

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                      Yes, that is it sorry. I wasn't sure if that was right or not.


            2. In my experience, there is limited variety in the way of brunch. The biggest variation is the quality of the restaurant of choice. Which likely will have some effect on food quality (as well as price.) That aside, most places offer essentially the same choices, the difference is the atmosphere. There are a few exceptions if you truly want something different, but not many. I am sorry to say, more than likely brunch in St Louis will not differ much from brunch in Kansas City.

              1. I second Cafe Osage. A very nice experience: food, service, atmosphere. Plus it connects to Bowood Farms where you can browse...