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Jan 18, 2009 08:07 PM

Lunch to go

Arriving on a Thursday at 4pm, staying at Royal Sonesta. Will be volunteering for Habital for Humanity on Friday & have to be at construction site at 7:45am. Will need to take lunch-any suggestions on where we could pick up a muff or poboy on Thursday pm to take with us for lunch on Friday??

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  1. Central Grocery
    923 Decatur
    thanks for coming and volunteering!

    1. If you're gonna be working in the 9th, there's a good gumbo/po'boy shop on the corner of Galvez/Piety. Poppa's Seafood. Also the Wing Shak -Desire/Law (?) Since you'll likely not know where you'll be assigned, it would be 'safer' to pack-in, yet the local businesses need the same sort of support you're providing. Thanks for coming.