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Jan 18, 2009 06:50 PM

Fuegovivo - has anyone been?

Fuegovivo opened a new location in Sunrise near Sawgrass. Has anyone ever been to this one or the ones in Miami? What are your impressions?

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  1. I went to the one at Sawgrass a few weeks ago. I think it was pretty overpriced. You only have two options: all you can eat meat and salad bar, and all you can eat salad bar (which includes some rice and beans, soup, and cold cuts.) For the meat, I believe it was close to $50 per person, and for the salad bar, between $25-$30 per person. You can justify the meat price, I suppose, but I was kind of shocked that any restaurant would charge that much for a glorified salad bar, especially with there being no a la carte options on the menu.

    As for the food itself, the meats were good. The salad bar was big but pretty standard. If you're interested, I would go soon, because it was pretty dead and I don't think it can stay open long in these times with only two high priced menu options.

    1. How timely. I went to the one on Biscayne on Thursday. I was underwhelmed. I have been to Porcao, Texas de Brazil and Fogo de Chao and like them all better than Fueogvivo. If you are expecting something on that level, you will be disappointed. There were fewer gauchos (the guys who bring the meat around), the meats come around less, and the meat was not as good. For me I don't just go to churrascarias because I can pig out. I go because I enjoy the taste of the food.

      And BTW, the service was not as circumspect and on point as Texas de Brazil or Fogo de Chao. The waiter we had was looking like "damn would they hurry up and finish so I can go home." I'll never go back to Fuegovivo. If you've never better to a better churrascaria, you might like it OK. But it seems that every time I try a "new" Brazilian steakhouse outside of the big 3 I mentioned, I get disappointed. No matter what American city I'm in. Perhaps I'll try Chima to see if they are up to snuff.