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Jan 18, 2009 06:46 PM

Palm Beach Next Weekend - Recommendations?

My husband and I will be in Palm Beach next weekend, staying at the Breakers. We ate at the Italian restaurant there (don't recall the name) a few years ago and the food was what I expected - that is to say, very underwhelming. Our daughters and their friends will be joining us on Friday, but Thursday night is all ours - just the two of us. We're looking for a great meal - would love French, but if there is something else absolutely wonderful that we should not miss, would love to know.
I'm sure that Friday we will end up at Cityplace with the kids. If there is anything edible there, that would be great to know as well.
We have a dinner at the hotel on Saturday, so I'm sure they will all barrel down to Cheesecake Factory (go figure...).

So, as usual, I am counting on the Hounds for some direction. Thanks!

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  1. For French cuisine on "the island" you really can't do any better Chez Jean Pierre (132 N County Rd Palm Beach, FL 561-833-1171‎) and Cafe Boulud ( Cafe L'Europe is good, as well, but I prefer the first two.
    Another nearby good choice is Cafe Sapori in West Palm Beach. Top notch Italian/Continental in a beautiful yet comfortable setting. (205 Southern Blvd.
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405 Phone: (561) 805-7313).
    Bon appetit!

    1. Il Bellagio at City Place is excellent for fresh italian food, they have a menu with great variety from traditional italian to light and fresh dishes. The patio seating outside is next to the fountain (which has a water show regularly) and should be very nice this time of year.
      It is definately a step up in quality from the chains, and when it is done, most likely no more expensive the the Cheesecake Factory.

      1. I live in CityPlace so I frequent the restaurants there often. Most are decent and there is a good variety depending on your mood. With that being said, if you just want the best, I would recommend City Cellar. Upscale with reasonable prices (+-$25), great wine list, and not overly stuffy or pretentious. I always love to check out the menu before trying anywhere new -

        1. Thank you for the suggestions. Thursday we ended up running a bit late for dinner so didn't manage to make it to Chez Jean Pierre. It is on my list for the next trip. We went to Nick and Johnnies on Royal Poinciana because it was so close to the hotel. I had a quite nice spinach salad and a loverly risotto with asaragus, sun-dried tomatos and parmesian, which was also nicely prepared. My husband had rigatoni with grilled chicken which was also good, with a zesty tomato sauce. Both plates were quite nice and fit the bill for a quick, late night dinner.

          Friday evening we did go to Il Bellagio at City Place. I am always leery of restaurants located at touristy spots like City Place, but right after we were seated, Tony Bennett sat down at the table behind us, so I figured that the Italian food there might not be too bad :). The crusty bread brought to the table was very good. My seafood linguini was delicious - perfectly cooked scallops, fish, shrimp and shellfish in an excellent pomodoro sauce. The portion was very large and I could only manage to eat the seafood and a bite or two of the pasta. My husband had a veal chop that he really enjoyed. (He managed to eat the entire thing and complained of eating too much after dinner. Thereafter, he went and got a pistacio gelato. Didn't note the name of the place, but it was excellent gelato). One daughter had the pasta pomodoro - same sauce as my dish and a nice vegetarian option. Two of our group had the salmon and both said it was perfectly done - light, tender and well seasoned. The lightly sauteed spinach served with the salmon was worth the price of admission. All in all, everyone very much enjoyed their meal here.

          And yes, while my husband and I attended a function at the Breakers Saturday night, both daughters and their friends did end up at Cheesecake Factory. Go figure. But a good time was had by all. Thank you for the suggestions. I have them all on my list for our next trip over to Palm Beach.

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            I enjoyed a lovely dinner at Il Bellagio last week with 3 companions. My only complaint was that none of the fish or seafood was local. I had the Tuna with the tomato sauce and it was delicious.

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              I'm assuming you went to Sloan's for ice cream. I've never had a bad scoop of ice cream there. Definitely beats Cold Stone, although you do pay a little more.

              700 S Rosemary Ave West, Palm Beach, FL

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                It wasn't Sloans. It was Mamma- che Buono, which I think is new - don't live there, just a visitor, so can't be sure. (I had to look it up on the City Place directory - didn't remember the name). It is a few doors down from Armani Exchange. Excellent gelato. But glad to know Sloans is good too.

                And NancyH - thank you. I love tuna and will remember this for next time. I think you are correct about the seafood not being local, which is unfortunate, but was quite good nonetheless.

                1. re: Mothership

                  I asked the server - none of the seafood or fish was local, which seemed strange considering where they are. Still - the tuna was delicious, where ever it was from. If you go again, make sure to try the Burrata cheese - it is like mozzerella on steroids and most delicious, and their presentation of it was also excellent.

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                    Ahhh...I haven't ventured into Mamma Che Buono yet, but I'll have to stop in this weekend. Thanks for the recc

              2. for italian...marcello's la sirena on dixie hwy cannot be beat!