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Jan 18, 2009 06:34 PM

Wheat berries

I just bought a hundred pounds of wheat berries, in anticipation of tough economic times. I would like suggestions for them. I am thinking wheat pilaf, blender wheat waffles and pancakes, and of course, bread. But what are some other good ideas.

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  1. Wow, 100# !!!! I'm impressed. But thanks for reminding me of a recipe I haven't fixed in a few years. It's in Martha Stewart Healthy Quick cookbook:

    1. Rejuvelac is an awesome slightly fermented drink with almost mystical properties.

      In the process of making it, you're half way to sprouting wheat grass. You can use it as starter for multiple different raw foods--raw vegan/nut cheeses and also certain breads.

      1. Reminds me of something my parents did years ago. A neighbor had leased a field and planted wheat. My parents bough something like half a fiber drum of wheat. I remember them cooking some whole overnight in the double boiler. They also sent some out in batches for cracking; this was sifted. The fine parts was used as whole wheat flour, and the rest as cracked wheat cereal. I think this wheat lasted several years.

        Once cooked the wheat berries can be flavored in various ways. It can be sweetened. There is, for example, a sweet Lebanese dish that is often prepared for memorials. There are also salads. I'm not familiar with savory preparations, but I can imagine using cooked berries this way.

        For a start I'd suggest cooking them with just a bit of salt, at a time when you aren't in any rush. They'll may take longer to cook than you expect.

        1. Heidi at 101 cookbooks just posted a great wheatberry recipe yesterday...


          1. I often make a Wheat Berry Salad that is great:

            Prepare the wheat berries (I use chicken broth instead of water for more flavor... Vegetable broth would also work). Drain and rise them and let them cool.

            In the meantime, dice vegetables:

            red and yellow bell pepper
            red onion...

            whatever sounds good, you could use corn, peas, string beans... I like to use all of them raw but you could blanch some of them if you like.

            Toss the cooled wheat berries with the vegetables, homemade vinaigrette, a few herbs (basil, thyme, chives...whatever you have on hand) and some crumbled goat cheese or feta. Great taste, nice crunch and very healthy. It will keep a few days in the fridge as well.

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              Yes, wheat berry salad is also great when made with sauteed carrots and onions (or scallions), dried fruits (like golden raisins, cranberries and chopped apricot), parsley and maple-mustard-sherry vinegar vinaigrette.