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Jan 18, 2009 06:18 PM

Telluride Eats

Heading to Tride with wife and two growing teenaged sons. Any dining suggestions? Any cuisisne works...we are adventurous.

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  1. Will you be staying in town or at Mountain Village? In MV, there aren't too many places that are family friendly for teenage boys with big appetites [high prices, smallish portions]

    For the meals with teens;For a better choice in town: [For the meals with teens]

    Baked in Telluride has great pizza and baked goods, and is terrific for all 3 meals. 127 South Fir Street 970-728-4775

    Poachers Pub lots of typical pub food,Blue Mesa Building 970-728-9647

    La Cocina de Luz, mexican, 123 East Colorado Ave., 970-728-9355.

    Fat Alley, for BBQ Fat Alley, 128 South Oak St., 970-728-3985.

    Shanghai Palace, for chinese, 126 East Colorado Ave., 970-728-0882.

    Smuggler’s Brewpub & Grille - pub food,
    225 South Pine St., 970-728-0919.

    The Sweet Life, burgers, malts, ice cream, 115 West Colorado Ave.,

    Merle’s Brown Bag, salads & sandwiches,
    120 West Colorado Ave., 970-728-5556.

    Maggie’s Bakery & Cafe, breakfast & lunch, 217 East Colorado Ave., 970-728-3334.

    I've eaten at all of these and think you and your teens will like them.

    Floradora Saloon,103 West Colorado Ave., 970-728-8884

    for grown up dinners:

    Cosmopolitan [at the base of the gondola in town] 300 W San Juan Ave 970-728-1292

    Allreds [at the mid point of the godola]

    New Sheridan Chop House 233 W Colorado Ave 970-728-9100

    Honga's Lotus Petal 138 E Colorado Ave 970-728-5134

    La Marmotte 150 W San Juan Ave 970-728-6232

    Here are 2 threads asking similar:

    FYI - best not to call it "T ride" -- kind of like you don't call San Francisco, "Frisco".

    Hope this helps.

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      I had one of the best pasta dishes of my life at Excelsior Café. I've only been one time so I don't know if it was a fluke but my husband and I both agreed my pasta dish made the Top 5 we've had. I don't see it on their current menu but here is something similar:


      1. re: hungryinaz

        Sounds VERY tasty. Just the words lamb sausage, pine nuts, and shaved manchego get me going!

        1. re: hungryinaz

          Hungryinaz, this is so funny! Not two hours ago I just had what I told my husband was one of the best pasta dishes I've ever eaten, and the best dish I've ever eaten in Telluride -

          Braised lamb wild mushroom fettuccini pine nuts, arugula, vin santo currents, shaved manchego - at Excelsior!

          So, now we both know it wasn't a fluke!

        2. re: DebitNM

          First, thanks so much for the list. Second, I don't know what even made me type T-ride...I think I was just trying to abbreviate. But I promise NOT to call it T-ride in speaking!!!. I agree you don't call San Francisco --Frisco. However, I grew up in outside of Philadelphia, and I still call it Philly. Funny thing is, it always sounds funny to me when one of my non Philadelphia friends calls it Philly........

          1. re: DebitNM

            Back from Telluride. Weather and conditions were great. Food a mixed bag. The highlights: the braised lamb pasta dish at execelsor, the roasted guinea hen at 9540, the pastries, croissants, and baked goods at Baked in Telluride, the amazing mexican food sold out of a closet at "the Beach", the burgers at Floradora. The lowlights: everything but the beer at Smuglers's, the ridicuously over priced menu and wine list at Rustica, served with an attitiude. Couldn't get a table at Fat Alley--- that bummed me out. Food looked great even if it IS a dump. It was a great trip.....if the recession/depression ever lifts, I wll go back.

          2. I went this past winter for the first time and found the restaurants there to be quite good. My favorites were Hunga's Lotus Petal, 221 South Oak, and an awesome Thai restaurant who's name I can't remember (can anyone help me out here?).

            Allred's is also quite good and worth it for the view alone.

            For a really good burger I like the Hop Garden up in Mt. Village. We ate there for lunch 3-4 times. Just a really solid burger.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              The Thai restaurant is called Siam. I'd highly recommend it. I had pad thai and DH had red curry duck.

              We returned to Telluride early February. The 9545 is one of our favorite places both for lunch and for dinner. We like Smugglers. It's a favorite of the locals and has great ribs and burgers. We were told that Rustica is very good, but overpriced. The same owners own La Piazza in the mountain village. We enjoyed our dinner there, but it wasn't cheap either. As always the Cosmopolitan was great. Excelsior was the best - especially their braised lamb pasta.

              steelydad, I've found that no matter where I go on vacation food is a mixed bag.

              1. re: Axalady

                Yes Siam! We had a delicious New Years Eve dinner there.

            2. Looking for updates as this is pretty old. I don't get to Telluride much anymore, so have any of the places on my list closed? Any new places worth a mention? Thanks.

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