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Jan 18, 2009 05:41 PM

Oceanside - What's great?

We will be in Oceanside for six nights. I have access to a kichen. Is there anywhere to buy fresh caught fish?
Is there a great Mexican, chinese, or Korean?

Any info on amazing food would be really appreciated.


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  1. I live near downtown San Diego, but one of my very good friends is a native of Oceanside. She's introduced us to salsas, guacamole, and other foods made at Primo Foods. I've never been to the store. But I promise you it has some of the very best sauces in the county.

    Primo Market
    606 Morse St, Oceanside, CA

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      I pass by Primo quite often, last week they had seedless green grapes for $.50 ppd and tomatoes for $.39 ppd. Their salsas and guac's are excellent, with varities for every level of heat tolerence.

    2. I live in Oceanside, but for fresh fish, I trek it to the "Village" (old downtown) in Carlsbad (around 5 miles for me) to Fish House Vera Cruz, which has a fish market at the entrance to their restaurant. For Mexican in Oceanside, my favorite is Cafe Rosarita. Their food is very tasty, and is essentially a reincarnation of the old Marron's restaurant that used to be in Carlsbad 30 years ago but closed. My favorite pico-de-gallo style salsa is from this place. Hope this helps, Chris

      1. I know of no "great" or "amazing" food in Oceanside.

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          the only thing I go to Oceanside for is a philly's best cheesesteak. Other than that I stay away.

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            Such strange rules apply to my posts that get deleted. I believe I mentioned, in the last deleted post, there was an OK Thai in Oceanside--Ocean Thai. Oh, well.

          2. I don't know if you will be staying with kids, or whether you are willing to drive, or how far. As you head south from Oceanside, you hit Carlsbad, Leucadia, Encinitas, Solana Beach, and finally Del Mar. About twenty minutes for the stretch, except during the worst rush hour (on the 5) or beach traffic (on the 101). Just south of Oceanside at the Palomar Airport exit from the 5 (the one you'd take for Legoland) there is a stretch on the beach side with an In-and-Out Burger and a Claimjumper, among other restaurants.

            Before your trip, search this board and click on member name "enorah." She has posted a couple of very long and excellent threads discussing some of the best casual food available in the area -- the most recent thread is "Encinitas, A Year Later." She discusses her favorite Mexican (Bety's, La Especial Norte, Karina's -- I'll add Juanita's and Roberto's), sushi (Kaito), seafood, coffee, donuts, dessert, and a number of others.

            1. I second the recs for Primo & OceanThai. I would also add Beach Break on coast hwy for breakfast/lunch. I really like Overseas restaurant for Chinese. It is in the village Carlsbad next to the post office.