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Jan 18, 2009 05:28 PM

Portland Late night Tuesday and Wednesday lunch

Hi- Im coming in to Portland on Tuesday night. I land at 9 PM and will take a cab downtown to my hotel. Are there any great, late night spots that will still be serving at 10?

Also- Am killing time until a 4 PM meeting on Wednesday. So I can have a great lunch on Wednesday as well. I would love some advice. Price is not an obstacle, but I'd love to try something illustrative of Portland cooking....I don't even know what that means...nut I'm all ears....


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  1. Lunch Wednesday: do you want downtown area? If so, I'd say Ten01. Take the streetcar or walk.
    Or you could take the #19 bus to Navarre on NE 28th, an easy 15 minute ride.

    Tuesday late night? Not many choices downtown. Consider the Heathman Hotel bar.

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      Ten01 is a great choice for lunch. Even if price is no object, you could take advantage of their $15 lunch deal--an appetizer, entree, and a modest dessert.

      A couple of other late dinner options: Masu sushi is open until midnight, and while it's more about the bar scene than the food, you could do worse than eating here. Also, Bluehour is open late, but they might only serve until 10--this would be a better food option than Masu. Bar Due next to Fratelli is open late, and I think they have pizza-type food.

    2. I'd recommend clyde common on both counts. It's right downtown -- around 10th and stark -- and has a great lunch and latenight (dinner menu until 11 or 12 on weeknights). excellent food, wine, and cocktails; total portlandy scene. right next door, as good if not better for lunch, is kenny & zukes delicatessen.

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        Kenny and Zukes is a good place for lunch, but as a New York-style deli, it might not really be "illustrative of Portland cooking".

      2. Clyde Common and Masu are great places for a late dinner. Also, The Teardrop Lounge serves food as long as they are open(usually til atleast midnight, midweek) and some of the dishes(they serve small plates....) are great! I recommend the Lamb Kafta.

        Late night in portland has never seemed to get any traction, much to my dismay!

        Lunch the next day is full of possibilities.......any of the places mentioned are/would be great, just scroll through some of the PDX threads and decided what kind of food you feel like.

        1. For late night dining, you've got Clyde Common, as well as Kenny and Zukes. The Ringside has a nice late happy hour. I believe Saucebox is open late for food too.

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            K&Z is no longer open late night. closes at 8pm.

            forgot about Rinside! cant say enough about Ringside or Jim the bartender! cool place.