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Jan 18, 2009 05:21 PM

All Clad Electric Grill

Was at Williams Sonoma and hubby saw the All Clad Electric Grill for $299.00. He's really interested in it, so he can do more cooking without going outside. Does anyone have one, and how do you like it. My concerns are cleaning it, because you can't clean the underside, and it would have been great if it had a removeable grill and be able to a griddle on it. TIA

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  1. I don't have any experience with this grill but I can share this... Cook's Country (America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated) did a testing of electric indoor grills a few weeks ago and said they are all pretty much worthless. None of them came close to replicating the real thing (being a grill). In the event they actually get hot enough to sear and grill, which most of them did not, they smoked up the kitchen... which is why you should grill outside to begin with.

    Of the ones they tested the Sanyo Smoke "less" grill ("less" meaning it's not smokeless, but that it smokes less than other grills like this) won the testing. The good news is that this grill only costs $40.00 on Be very well aware that there are two factors here that drastically increase the cost of the All-Clad you're looking at. #1 The brand name All-Clad. #2 the store Williams-Sonoma. Both of those factors put together usually = high cost, mostly because of the brand name(s).

    So long story short, unless you have $300 to drop (versus $40) and you like paying extra for a shiny stainless steel brand name, and you really can't walk outside a few times to a real grill, I would suggest going with the Sanyo. Read the reviews on Amazon too.

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      From my research, the Sanyo 3 is the way to go. It is good to use out on the patio for apartments and such where gas and charcoal is forbidden.

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        " I don't have any experience with this grill but..." You should have stopped there. I bought the All-Clad grill at Williams-Sonoma and I love it. I am blue collar and it took me a long time to earn enough for that grill, so I'm no wealthy food snob. Each separately heat controlled side goes up to 480 degrees which is more than enough to sear. It does NOT fill up my tiny kitchen with smoke because you don't need to use any oils (All-Clad surface). Clean up is as simple as letting the grill cool down and wiping it clean. Every store or website I researched sells it for the same price, so Williams-Sonoma has nothing to do with it. I really dislike when people review things that they haven't used....

      2. If you're set on having an indoor grill, I'd consider the Cuisinart 4-in-1 Griddler & Panini Press. They have interchangable plates for both grill and griddler and the plates of course can be removed for cleaning. You can also open the entire clam shell flat so you have double the working space if you don't need to cook both sides of the product simutaneously. Great for having a crowd over for pancakes, bacon, etc.

        Otherwise, Le Creuset also has a stove-top reversable griddler and grill. Just put it on your stove top and away you go.

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          i was just going to recommend both of those. I sell a lot of the Cuisinart Griddler and would not be without my LC reversible grill/griddle

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            I still think these kinds of things are a bit of overkill unless you really have a use for a griddle/sandwich press like this. This is basically a glorified George Foreman grill. The cost/benefit ration just doesn't justify it for me. I'd rather buy a cast iron grill pan and pay fractions less than I'd pay for a Cuisinart Griddler. It may be fun and easy to use but there's nothing that this unit does that I can't do with a grill pan or a non-stick/cast iron/carbon steel skillet.

        2. I have had this grill for over a year.
          It does get hot enough to sear and leaves beautiful grill marks.
          I have only used it a few times and am actually thinking of how to sell it.
          Your concern about the cleaning is a great concern and I would not recommend this grill for that reason.
          It is very heavy and bulky.
          Down the middle where it drips into the lower pan is deep and narrow, you can't clean in that grove very easily. The grill lines are deep and difficult to clean between them.
          If you do run water over the top and happen to get some inside, then you have to turn it upside down to drain (again heavy and bulky).
          Bottom line I hate it, and I own and love many All-Clad items.