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Jan 18, 2009 04:44 PM

Dinner Suggestion in Orlando

Dinner Suggestion in Orlando
We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress and are looking for suggestions for dinner on a Thursday evening. Looking for an upper end restaurant offering good and interesting food. Not interested in chain restaurants or just the 'typical'.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Manuel's on the 28th in downtown Orlando. I just posted about this recently in response to "what was your best meal ever"...Time your reservation so you'll be up there to watch the sunset. And ask for a table near the window.
    Check out their prix-fixe menu...that's what we had and we loved it--replete with suggested wine pairings. Have a great time wherever you decide!

    Manuel's On the 28th
    390 N Orange Ave # 2800, Orlando, FL

    1. You're pretty close to Johnnie's Hideaway, which was terrific both times I've been there. No need to go all the way downtown.

      1. Columbia restaurant in Celebration. Be sure to get the 1905 salad for the table.

        In town, although it's moderately priced, Le Coq au Vin for excellent French food, or The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park for trendy gastropub.

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          If you're staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress, I agree with Alice about Johnnie's HIdeaway, which is almost across the street from the Hyatt and absolutely delicious. You can also try Todd English's Bluezoo - it's located on Disney property at the Dolphin Hotel. Also not far from that area you might want to check out Restaurant Row (Roy's, Moonfish, Cedars, Chathams) or Pointe Orlando on International Drive (Opa, Oceanaire Seafood Room). All of these restaurants have websites for you to check out. Good Luck!

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            VWRobin, I am from Miami but go to Orlando for a conference once a year and Moonfish has been excellent every time. The food exceeded my expectations and the service is always very efficient and friendly. The menu is Asian inspired seafood, although they have excellent steaks. They are part of the same restaurant group as Johnnie's, so I guess it would depend on if you are in the mood for this type of food.

        2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

          We ended up eating at Johnie's Hideaway and Moonfish. Both were excelent, and my only complaint may be the servings are too large. The seafood was fresh, the service was attentive, even the sides were excellent.

          At Johnie's I had a Seabass, which was simply grilled perfectly, well seasoned and served with a fondue of lemon butter buer blanc with crab & lobster. My dinner companion had a steak, which he descirbed as one of the best he ever tried. As a side we got the big boy tater tots, large, fresh potatoe tots with bacon and cheese inside. May not be the fanciest dish, but it was wonderful.

          We went to Moonfish with my family. We shared the combination appetizer of crab cakes, fried shrimp and calamari. The crab cakes were almost all crab meat, and well seasoned. The shrimp were freshly fried with a thin and crisp crust.

          After eating all weekend, I could stayed lighter with the tuna sashimi appetizer as my main dish. It was excellent, as were all dishes at the table.