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Looking for food lit that discusses two people becoming close friends because of their shared love of cooking or eating food

Doing research for my food podcast, Chicken 'n Waffles. The food lit can be articles, essays, novels, whatever. Just looking for stories of food forming a bond between two people, preferably non-romantic. Thanks for your help!

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  1. The non-romantic part is tough. But you might look at Cooking With Fernet-Branca, the Booker award finalist by James Hamilton-Paterson. Food acts almost as an unreliable narrator of the novel.

    1. Take a look at "Eat Cake" by Jeanne Ray. The main character uses baking to relieve her stress. And the recipes are a delightful bonus.

      1. MFK Fisher and Me by Jeannette Ferrary might be up your alley.

        1. it's weird food relationships but "My Year of Meats" by Ruth Ozeki is an interesting read that centers around food. Certainly has some romantic components but I really liked it.

          1. Try the T.C. Boyle short story, "Sorry Fugu", about the relationship between a chef and a restaurant critic. Hilarious, and also an interesting commentary on criticism itself.

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              Oh, I have to check that out -- Boyle is one of my favorite contemporary writers, but I haven't read many of his short stories.

              1. Anthony Capella wrote two books that have the same theme.

                Food of Love

                Wedding Officer

                If memory serves, Food of Love was a better book than Wedding Officer. FOL is a cyrano knock off with beautiful food descriptions. WO needed the story to be edited down, but the two protaganists definitely bond over food. But, both are food oriented and will make you crave italian cuisine.

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                  Jim Crace's "Devil's Larder" might be worth your attention. It's a whole book of small, surreal vignettes all revolving around food. I seem to recall that several of them deal with relationships as well, romantic and otherwise.

                  Plus, it's just an amazing book. Check it out!

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                    Here's a link to a review, which describes it much better than I'm able to in my uncaffeinated state....


                2. i have no idea why i forgot about these but there is a set of mysteries called the supper club mysteries by J.B. Stanley - there are 5 of them out now about a group of friends who are in a supper/diet club. they're kind of fluff reading (okay they're really fluff reading) but the characters are pretty cute and who can't relate to the food part and the trying to lose weight!

                  i'm reading #5 "The Battered Body" now. I liked "Stiffs and Swine". Here's a link to the site. They aren't literature but chows who read so much that they like easy beach reading from time to time or those that aren't big readers at all might like them! http://www.midnightinkbooks.com/produ...