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Jan 18, 2009 02:08 PM

Please help save me from McCormick and Schmicks (seafood needed)

Grandpa's in town, he wants to buy a fish dinner tonight, and he's never going to stop bitching about the small portions, strange service and high prices of the Hungry Cat, which eliminates it from contention (Don't get me wrong, I love it). And yes, the Water Grill is also going to be too pricy.

We're in Hollywood, so we're talking East of Beverly Hills, though the Valley or Glendale-ish could work.

Of course, if anyone knows what's outstanding at McCormicks (looking at the Burbank location) I'm all ears. Having had a couple of complete crap meals there a couple of years ago, I haven't been back lately.

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  1. Roy's downtown has very good fish entrees, though your grandfather may be put off by the Hawaiian/Asian fusion aspect of the food. The misoyaki butterfish is phenomenal, though some people have felt the sauce is a bit strong (I love it). They also do excellent scallops, a very good ahi, and grilled salmon. Dinner entrees are usually in the $20-30 range, which seems consistent with McCormick and Schmicks. There also is a $35 prix fixe dinner every night, which has a fish entree. Here's a link to the downtown menu, which has prices:

    1. I used to have lunch at the BH location and I also thought the food was crap. Had a holiday lunch there recently that was truly delicious. I was very surprised. Excellent seared ahi app, tuna tartare and fried calamari. You could do worse.

      1. The Oyster House in Studio City. Gramps will love it .

        1. The BH McCormick's & Schmick's is the only one I've been to that was any good.

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            That location also seems to be the best service too, I get hung up sometimes at the other ones waiting for the check or some dumb thing they have overlooked.

          2. Mostly because of business reasons, in the last six months, I've eaten twice at the McCormick and Schmick's in downtown L.A., once at the one in Burbank, twice at the one in El Seguno and three times at the one in Beverly Hills.

            Both means downtown were quite good. The one in Burbank was excellent and the ones in El Segundo were even better.

            The meals in Beverly Hills were disappointing. They have a smaller menu there with more esoteric things done to the fish. The fish and corn chowder, which I love at the other locations, was bland in Beverly Hills. The place was also half empty and I don't think you can afford to be on Rodeo Drive for long if that's the case.

            I live about a mile from the Beverly Hills location. I'm not going back but I also wouldn't hesitate to drive to El Segundo.