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Jan 18, 2009 12:45 PM

San Antonio 2nd week of Feb. 2009

I grew up in San Antonio but now live in New Mexico. My brother recently moved back to SA and I am planning my visit. Have not been back in 15 years. I was looking for dining suggestions in the downtown and northern areas. I remember Tom's Ribs as a kid!! Any recommendations are appreciated. La fogata still a must? Great breakfast, fine dining and everything in between.
Thanks for the help

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  1. I believe that La Fogata was bought out several years ago. They owners now own a small restaurant off of Bitters called El Mirasol. The food is excellent. Tom's Ribs is still there. It was my grandmothers favorite, late in her life the doctor told her no more red meat and she still ate the ribs! There are sooo many new restaurants in town. An oldie but a goodie which has expanded to several areas is Paesano's.

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      Thank you and hooray for your Grandmother...mine had the same mentality.

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        You sure Tom's Ribs is still around??I thought in the paper last year they said t=in the food section Tom's Ribs was closed.I'll have to look for their website to see.
        El Jalisco here in Schertz is good. I had the Al Pastor Plate Saturday, and Sunday the 3009 Plate, which was a cheese enchilada, fajita taco, puffy taco, rice and salad.
        To get there you can take I 35 Morth to Schertz, and get off at the FM3009 Exit. Go past the H.E.B. and turn right. Just follow 3009 till you get to the intersection of Elbel Road and see the sign for Clemens High School. On your left , you should see the Bradzoil Place and a spa place in an old house. Just go a little past them and on your left is Papa John's Pizza. Turn left into the Papa Johns.
        You might find a place to part at El Jalisco, which is next to Papa John's, or you may have to drive further and part in the back. They do get a lot of customers.

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          There was something in the food section a week or two ago about them closing. I drove by the one on 1604 and it looked closed.

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          Actually, I think La Fogata is much better now than ever before. It sure is more crowded now than I've ever seen it either, but to me it's worth the wait with a great margarita on the patio. Don't know much of a better way to spend an evening with friends.

        3. Very good Mexican @ Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights or its sister restaurant Aldaco's @ Sunset Station, just east of downtown.

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            Just wanted to say thanks for the Paloma Blanca recommendation. Not outstanding but it has a beautiful patio and the food was pretty good.

            I had a Shrimp Chili Rellano. Very interesting but too much cheese for a hot day on the patio.

          2. I moved back to Austin but oh my I miss my SA food. On the dive-y end of things, you have to go to Chris Madrid's for a cheeseburger. Serious cheeseburgers! And DeWiese's Tip Top for comfort food. The chicken fried steak & fried shrimp are mouthwatering. I'd also recommend "Hot Donuts" for breakfast. The name is actually The Original Donut Shop but folks who live in the 'hood (Fredricksburg Rd & Hildebrand area) just call it Hot Donuts. The donuts are really good. Their breakfast offerings are fantastic, love the huevos rancheros. They close right after lunch, so go early.

            Rosario's is also very good. If you enjoy tripas, you'll love their's. I get mine done parrillada style. They also have very tasty lengua and enchiladas suizas, too.

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              a completely agree with these recommendations!

            2. For something that's not really typical for San Antonio, try Le Frite Belgian Bistro on S. Alamo. Fantastic!

              1. I'd really strongly suggest you take the quick trip up to New Braunfels and go to the new Cooper's BBQ location there. It's exactly as good as the orig. in Llano. I actually make the trip from Austin now twice a month or so. Make a day of it by going to lunch (pork ribs are to die for, as is the potato salad and peach cobbler) and then going to the biker bar at the bridge and watching the tubers wipe out at the last rapid.