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Jan 18, 2009 12:06 PM

Meyer lemons

What is the difference between the meyer and regular lemons. I have seen recipes with these
and wondering if there is a vast difference

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  1. Meyer's are not nearly as tart as Eureka (regular) lemons. They have a thinner skin and are like a tart orange. Better for baking or lemon curd, but I prefer Eurekas for cooking bcuz of their "pucker factor" Adam
    Plus, I have a Eureka lemon tree, so it's what's available for free....

    1. I bought a number of these in December because they were on sale, and I found that their flavor is not as distinct as regular lemons -- more mellow, I would say. I was making Chicken Francese, and it took much more lemon juice from Meyer lemons than it did when I used regular lemons. I imagine that this is a good thing in some recipes.

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        Actually, they have a very distinct flavor, what they don't have is the same degree of acidity/tartness as Eureka lemons. So they are best used when they are the primary flavoring; they are not really interchangeable with other lemons in recipes where they supply acidity.

        Generally, if a recipe specifies Meyer lemons you can't substitute regular lemons without making some adjustments and losing some of the intended character of the recipe.

      2. I find Meyer lemons much more aromatic than Eureka lemons (thanks, adamshoe! I've always just called them "regular"). So I like the Meyers in drinks, and in this fine, simple recipe for spaghettini with Meyer lemon cream sauce:

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          hey small h... Happy to help. At least I THINK that the typical "supermarket" lemon is usually a Eureka. (I'm sure someone will chime in if I'm wrong... ;) ). Remember: you can always make a sour lemon sweeter (W/ sugar, etc.), but it's tough to make a sweet lemon sourer. (Is that even a word?...) Adam

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            Tarter. Just go with tarter. You can add tarter sauce! (covers head, flees)

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              Eureka is one of the most common varieties of lemons found in supermarkets, but there are others (Lisbon is one).

          2. Meyer lemons are widely thought to be a cross between "regular" lemons and a mandarin or sweet orange. They have a thin skin, sweet flavor, and can be quite addictive. They should be used gently as they lack the acidity and tartness of regular lemon and thus shine more in recipes that highlight the bright sweetness not the tart flavor of traditional lemons. I have several recipes using them on my site right now:

            Also - Buff Chickpea did a roundup of several fantastic blog recipes using Meyer lemons:

            And finally, the LA Times recently listed 100 Things to do with Meyer Lemons!


            1. My intro to Meyer Lemons was Trader Joe's Meyer Lemon Cake Mix. I am not a huge lemon fan, but loved this one. When I looked into them and learned that they are thought to be some sort of lemon/orange cross, it made sense. I use melted butter instead of oil, and add a cup of shredded coconut. Meyer lemons are not ubiquitous in stores, and vary in sweetness, so this is one case where I prefer a mix cake to a scratch one.

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                I like that cake mix too. Wonderful for a quick and easy dessert. Have you tried the TJ's Triple Fudge Brownie mix? It's seriously addictive.

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                  Being fortunate enough to have a Meyer lemon tree in my back yard, I use the zest and juice in any basic lemon cake mix with spectacular results. I tend to taste a smokiness to Meyer lemons not present in Eurekas.