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3 Days, 3 Burgers

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friday, saturday, sunday, all three were burger days for me. It started with shake shack on friday, then rare bar & grill on saturday and finally Five Guys on Sunday.

Shake shack was very good. Shack shack for some odd reason feels like it could fit in as a high end fast food burger. The pottato bun and shack sauce definetly make this burger stand out. Overall i did thoroughly enjoy the shack burger but i think the bun girl overdid the butter on the bun. Although the fries are frozen, i still love them, they have the perfect texture and taste.

Rare Bar and Grill felt exactly like what it should be, a restaurant burger. Extremely thick single patty ,thick bacon and brioche bun (i had the M&M burger). I also enjoyed this burger. However i'm not a big fan of single 8-10oz patties, it doesn't allow for enough surface area to hold seasoning and caremalization onto the beef. The fries stole the show ate Rare, i ordered the sampler which came with sweet potato,cottage, and shoestring fries. The fries were EXTREMELY good and went PERFECTLY with the variety of dipping sauces.

Five Guys, this was my FAVORITE burger. Two 4 ounce patties allows for lots of beef surface area, they were seasoned well and the beef tasted great. The yellow cheese although basic went perfectly with the burger. The bun is very basic, but was good and did not steal the show from the great meat and cheese. I also loved the fact that they do not butter the buns at five guys, i'm personally not a fan of buttered buns, i believe the grease from the meat should provide all the fats to help carry the flavor .The fries at five guys are also good, you can tell that they are fried in peanut oil, the grease carries a nice taste.

Overall Five guys was the best burger, Rare bar and grill had the best fries, if i could have the two together it would be perfect! lol. I also notice alot of people talking about how greasy the five guys burger is, but IMO five guys burger had the least noticeable grease out of all the burger spots i tried this weekend... I can see why shake shack has a a strong following, but at the end of the day its not my ideal burger... I can also see why people love rare bar and grill, big thick piece of meat in a brioche bun but once again it was great but not my ideal burger

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  1. > Shack shack for some odd reason feels like it could fit in as a high end fast food burger.

    Why is that odd? A high end fast food joint is *exactly* what Shake Shack is. It's inspired by Danny Meyer's childhood memories of his favorite fast food joints in his hometown of St. Louis (Ted Drewes).

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      lol thanks for bringing me to actuality. I made that comment without realizing that is exactly what shake shake is supposed to be...lol

      I guess the differentiation here is that Five guys and rare bar and grill tasted more unique. Five guys more like a BBQ type burger and Rare just like a big beefy restaurant burger that it should be.

    2. Five guys to me is awful. Just a fast food burger that is cooked to death and tastes like the ones I had in my cafeteria from middle school years.

      On the other hand Rare bar and Grill is truly great. Best burger I have ever had honestly.