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So if instead I decide to make pasta with kale and garlic...what's a good protein dish to go with it?

Need idea for a protein to go with the above. No pork please or beef. So chicken or some type of inexpensive fish (actually have frozen salmon I could still defrost so maybe that?) but not sure what would be good with the pasta that's warm and hearty...oh and preferably something I could cook on the stove, not in the oven-


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  1. Do you have any canned white beans? Navy or Cannellini? You could throw those right in the pasta. Yummy!

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      That and few pieces of linguica is one of my favorites.

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        Linguica would be good except bf has high cholesterol - otherwise I would love that!

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        Ooh! That sounds good ! Thanks...thinking if I do that then I could just run to the store here instead of schlepping to whole foods :-)

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          With cannelini beans & some tomato paste, you have pasta fagiole (and your protein!)

        2. sardines or tuna ...any skinless/boneless

          1. Chicken or turkey sausage would be really good.

              1. Anchovies. Put them in the oil at the same time as the garlic.

                1. Yes! Anchovies...and you can add some pecorino romano or parmesam cheese and toasted pignoli nuts if you want...

                  1. Chickpeas. And good parmesan or romano.

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                      Wow - thanks for all the idea - didn't wind up making it tonight so now i def. have lots of ideas for tomorrow! I would LOVE the anchovies but bf would hate them...def.a good lunch meal for me or a dinner when he's out...