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Jan 18, 2009 10:56 AM

Taste of Russia Franklin, TN (surrounding Nashville area)

I had an amazing experience at Taste of Russia and want to spread the word. I went there for lunch yesterday & was beyond impressed. First, my friend and I shared an appetizer of cabbage dumplings & potato dumplings (vareniki). Then we each had a bowl of hearty borscht. It was so good, I would've been happy with just having more borscht for my meal...but I'm glad I didn't! For my entree, I had a fried pork chop with mustard sauce and a side of mashed potatoes. I loved it so much that I rarely lifted my head from my plate. The pork was perfectly encrusted and the mustard sauce that accompanied it was tangy & spicy (in a horseradish kind of way). A good way to enjoy this dish is to put a little mashed potato with a bit of pork & then dip it in the mustard sauce....WOW, truly amazing! For dessert we shared two big Russian-cheese filled blintzes with a side of blackberry sauce. The added bonus was, after my four course feast, my total ticket came out to $15.37! We did split the app & dessert, but when was the last time you had such a giant meal for such a great price?? The only drawback was the speed of service. We waited quite a while to be greeted & between courses, but it was definitely worth the wait. On the other hand our server was very attentive and pleasant. I can't wait to go back!!

Taste of Russia
101 Shingle Way
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 472-1432

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  1. Chickster75 - I'm with you! This is a great little place. I just hope not too many people find it as it was already crowded last Friday night. It was so good I went back for lunch on Saturday and tried to drag someone there last night but it was too late. We had the borsch, the sausage soup, the meart rolls (zrizi or something like that), the blintzes with sour cherry and blackcurrants. Next day I had the Russian cheese stuffed puff pastry (Extra Yummy), the meat filled peroshki, and the bigos. The food is good and it's inexpensive. Best enjoyed with a bunch of friends so you can order lots of small things and share.

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      Hi - new to the area and noticed you commenting of the Taste of Russia. My wife and step-mom are both from Russia and we want to know if this restaurant is still in existance? We'd love to acquaint ourselves with anything Russian in the Middle TN area.
      Thank you!

      1. re: bassplayer63

        Yes. Still in existence as far as I know.

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          You might also want to check out Aleksey's Market at 718 Thompson Lane for Russian groceries.

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              I don't get to Tennessee often these days but I might arrange to go thru on my next trip Nawth to have a look at this place. I was unaware of a Russian community--if that's what it is--in tennessee (but why not in Tennessee?) We had a quasi-Russian restaurant in Kenner, LA for awhile but it went away.

              Was your borscht summer or winter(i.e. cold or hot?) Any other soups? Kharcho(OK that's Georgian)? Selianka? Soups are one of the glories of slavic cooking. I bet they can get good mushrooms in Tennessee, too. Give a Russian a basket of mushroom and stand'll be amazed at what he or, more likely, she can do with them

              1. re: hazelhurst

                I can confirm this restaurant is open because I ride my bike past it every other day and I see the 'OPEN' sign on.

                1. re: mbolen17

                  This restaurant went the way of the dodo...

                  bye bye