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Jan 18, 2009 10:48 AM

Spicy Chocolate Ice Cream

After a big workout today, I stopped by Taharka Brothers (Sylvan Beach) for some sweet calories. They had a new flavor called "Red Hot Chocolate". It is a chocolate ice cream with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. WOW! It is a fantastic winter flavor. Deep chocolate with a sharp spicy finish. I could see it paired with a nice winter dessert or even a very nice coffee after a big warm meal.

Hey, why should ice cream just be for summer? If you're in the mood for ice cream, check out the "Red Hot Chocolate" at the Taharka Brothers. They even had half price pints today (Sunday) at the Mt. Washington location!

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  1. Pitango gelato has a spicy chocolate flavor as well - it's my favorite.

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      Just had Pitango's spicy chocolate ice cream. WOW. Has a real nice element of heat. Fantastic! (plus the little French guy working the counter is CUTE!)

    2. Moorenkos in Silver Spring also has Red Hot Chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

      1. I live in FL so obviously haven't tried that ... however I have made my own spicy chocolate ice cream. A friend brought me some from a trip. She shipped it to me. I loved it. So now I make it on occasion for company. I use a good quality chocolate ice cream, add some additional melted chocolate or chunks of chocolate and the hot seasoning. Also adding some nuts to it is great. Re freeze and serve with some great sugar cookies and some flavored chocolate cream topping with a dash of cinnimon and your guests will love it. Talk about a simple easy desert and so different. I love it.