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Jan 18, 2009 10:34 AM

New Vietnamese in Cherry Hill

For those of you who like Vietnamese, a new restaurant opened in CH recently. It's called Pho' So' 1; located on 38 Westbound side, about 1/2 mile east of the CH Mall. (in the strip shopping center next to to the closed Lone Star Steakhouse).
I stopped in for some takeout and had the Cha Gio spring rolls, which were freshly made and probably the best ones I've had in NJ. They were crispy, light, and still very hot when I got home. Served with lettuce, shredded carrots, and basil (but no cilantro for some reason). I also had a grilled pork over rice vermicelli that was quite tasty. As far as the entree goes, I think I prefer Pho Eden's version over Pho So 1. But the spring rolls were outstanding, and better than those served by Pho Eden or Pho 38, IMHO.
Wondering if anyone else has tried this place.

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  1. thanks for the heads up; didn' t know about it. Wasn't there a Thai place there? It was originally Somsak 15 years ago then I forget the recent name...

    Some competition for the viet place west on 38 near the defunct "the point".

    What "entree"? did you mean their Pho or the bun thit nuong you mentioned?

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      The Thai place is still in that shopping center; don't recall the name of it though. There is also a Chinese place called Cindy's at the other end. I had the Bun Thit Nuong. What they don't have anywhere on the menu is a Bun dish that offers a meat/poultry/shrimp selection with a spring roll on top. Both Pho 38 and Pho Eden offer this and that's something I really like to get .:-(
      I did not try the pho, but saw several Vietnamese people eating different varieties and they looked good and substantial.
      They seem to have a very large selection of beverages on the menu as well. I plan on going back again soon.

      1. re: mschow

        Can't wait to try this new place. I'd much rather try this place than stand in line at the Cheesecake Factory any day. Now, if I can only find some ethnic food near my job in Mt. Holly/Willingboro area. Japanese is about as exotic as it gets, as far as I can tell...

        1. re: IndigoOnTheGo

          Good luck with that! My sister lives in Lumberton and it's no man's land out there when it comes to restaurants.
          A few suggestions: someone on here posted about El Charro Mexican restaurant which is in a very funky little strange shopping center on 130, southbound side in Edgewater Park. I've only been there once, and tried the Chili Rellenos. I am a real snob when it comes to them after living in Texas for several years. Plus, I have a very good recipe and make them at home when I'm in the mood. The relleno itself was very good, but I wasn't crazy about the sauce on it. That might just be a personal thing, however. The chips and salsa were good, however. You can search the forum for more information and look up the thread. There is also a Turkish place in the same shopping center that people have said is very good. I know little about Turkish food, and haven't been there, so I can't comment on it. The funky shopping center is across the street from a Dollar store and Goodwill, for point of reference. It would be very easy to drive right by it, as it's set back a bit off of 130. Both places are open for lunch, but El Charro is closed on Tuesdays.
          Supposedly there is a vendor in the Marketplace in Willingboro that sells good Middle Eastern foods, but I haven't tried that yet either.
          Let us know if you make any good discoveries!

          1. re: mschow

            I might have to try the Marketplace again in Willingboro. I tried a few items in the food court last year but it was pretty hit or miss over my 3 visits. Might try it again when the weather warms up a bit. I find it a bit sad that Cherry Hill is being overrum with these chain places - all those little mom and pop places serving good food while I was growing up there have gradually disappeared over the past 20 years.

        2. re: mschow

          Pho So 1
          2442 Route 38
          Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
          (856) 321-1888
          On the westbound side. There is an Outhouse "Steak"house directly opposite.

          First visit today. So with Pho in the name of the place I ordered, well, pho. Better than Pho 38 for flavor but I still wasn't getting any bony love or star anise wafting up. But I'd eat it again. Mrs Rockhopper got a Pho with the ooogly bits she learned to love in the Peace Corps. She was happy. too.

          Appetizer was Goi Cuon. The noodles were still warm - which doesn't actually set well. They rate 3rd behind Eden and 38.

          Mango smoothie. No. They were out. Pineapple? no. out. Durian (to remind me of the aroma of "Eau du Center City Patco stops")? Out. The banana leaf dessert? out. Ok bozo, tell me what is not out. Rainbow ice and a strawberry smoothie. Both were very good.

          Like most "ethnic" places they ignore their credit card agreements and post a $20 minimum - with no tip on the credit card. So come with cash.

          Bun thit nuong cha gio is not on the menu as mschow mentioned. But you can order the bun "special" which has cha gio with the grilled pork.

          1. re: rockhopper

            I'll have to take another look at that menu for the bun special. I looked it over and over and could not find cha gio served with of the meats.
            I was really under the weather last week, so decided to drag myself out of bed for some takeout pho. I ordered the brisket and eye round pho. I'm not an expert, but I agree that Eden has a better flavored broth. It also was barely warm by the time I got home (less than a 10 minute ride). Was it served hot in the restaurant?
            I tried the cha gio again; I asked for extra lettuce and cilantro, but when I got home, there was no cilantro or extra lettuce in the container. Is there a shortage of cilantro and lettuce that I don't know about?
            Still, I'll go back again.

            1. re: mschow

              Yes it was very hot when it arrived at the table. Had to wait to dig in.

              I think the first bun dish on the menu says something like "bun pho so special". I asked about a combo with bun,pork, cha gio and they said that was the "special" even though the menu didn't spell it out. But then again the menu lists "condenser milk" :)

              we were there on chinese new year. there were little envelopes around the register; they gave us one. It contained a lottery ticket. So they have a sense of fun.

      2. Pho So 1 in Cherry Hill used to be so good. For some reason these past few months it is not good anymore. Everything just went downhill. The pho is still okay but everything else lost it. Do not even attempt the fried rice or stir fried anything. It is worst then Chinese take out. The spring rolls used to be sooo good...what happened? I hope they fix whatever happened in the kitchen because this food is horrible.