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Jan 18, 2009 10:05 AM

New Steakhouse Blows the rest away

You have to check this place out its called Mission Oak Grill in Newburyport Mass. Steaks like never before because they are served with flavor, sauces/toppings, nice simple sides not like the 2 pounds of mashed potatoes, raw asparagus. Check it out

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  1. Aren't all steaks served with flavor(some better than others?) and most served with toppings/sauces? This thread says nothing to me.

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      Actually I was focusing on the typical chain places Capitol Grill, Flemmings, Shulas, and the worst it Ruth Chris. They serve some different sauces on the side i have been to all of the above mentiioned and none serve a sauce unless you ask . Its just a nice change from the typical steak house and all they have to do is train a minkey with a peanut to flip steaks

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          Trufflehound how much do you like truffles I just had 3 kilos shipped to me a month ago. Black, 200Euros a kilo. not bad

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          1. I didn't realize a good steak needed a "topping".

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            1. Um hasn't that place been open for a least a couple years? How is it 'new'?

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                A couple of years sounds about right, negrazer.
                These are the same people that own Max Stein's in Lexington that gets hyped by the Andelmans pretty regularly. In spite of all that, it's been a pretty decent local option in the couple or three times I've dined there with local friends.


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                  I agree it wasnt bad not like the typical steak places the andlemans are they the ones who to Phantom Gourmet??. Thanks for the info

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                2nd that, I want a steak to stand on it's own with minimal seasoning (S&P), sans any sauces and cover-ups.

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                  The bone-in Rib-Eye has been delivered to the table every time as ordered; sans sauce, and let it "moo" aka rare! A very nice piece of aged beef, well prepared sides and a fairly decent wine list with a reasonable spread in price points, BTW. It's not The Oak Room or Grill 23, but then nothing else is in Greater Boston, IMO.


                  Mission Oak Grill
                  26 Green Street, Newburyport, MA 01950