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Jan 18, 2009 09:49 AM

Don Camillo's? Other St. Martin suggestions?

We're headed back to St. Martin for the first time in 8 years. We used to love Don Camillo's in Marigot. Anyone know if it's still around/good?

Also, other restaurant recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We're staying on the French side (Baie Rouge) but are willing to venture out. Most nights we'll be a group of 8 adults, though we're also looking for a special spot (waterfront preferably) for our anniversary dinner.

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  1. We heard that La Gondola in the Atlantis Casino is excellent. We also like: The Boathouse, Topper's, The Hideaway, PegLeg's among others.

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      1. We were there in November and Don Camillo's was still there. Other good choices are Le Pressoir in Grand Case, La Cigale in Nettle Bay, Marios Bistro on Sandy Ground, Bistro Caraibes in Grand Case, Petite Auberge de la Mer in Marigot, Tropicana in Marigot. La Cigale is right on the beach. It's very small and very pretty and the service is fabulous as is the food. Marios is on the water, Le Pressoir is not but the food is great.

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          1. We saw Don Camillo's. Our nightime dining was in Grande Case but we loved Le Source for lunch. We paid 1=1 in August with USD. Thankfully for you the USD and Euro are so close. Have fun and report back soon.