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Jan 18, 2009 09:16 AM

Recipes for a snowy day...

What do you like to cook when it's snowing outside? I imagine that people have tried and true favorites... As a transplant to the northeast, the current winter season is offering ample opportunity to explore this topic. Your input is appreciated!

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  1. Check out this link with lots of CH'ers suggestions for this cold snap we are having!

    I personally am a big fan of shepherd's pie... excellent recipe here, recommended by another CH'er... . I used baby portabellas since my grocer didn't have the other mushrooms. It was still delicious and an excellent comfort food! Stay warm and full of food... and try to take a vacation in February to somewhere sunny and hot (transplant from TX and it DOES make a difference)!

    1. I just made a pot of Pappa al Pomodoro and some pesto/mozzarella paninis. Other fun cold food is beef stew, chili, roast.

      1. Well, it doesn't snow much on Florida's Gulf Coast; but when I lived in snow county my favorites were either a big batch of chili or posole.

        1. I started a pork shoulder at 6:30 this morning. BBQ, at least at home, is best done indoors during the winter because it's too hot to have the oven on for 7-14 hours during the height of summer!

          Really, any roast works, but the ones which take at least 3-5+ hours are most welcome.

          For quick bites, soup. Miso, potato, pumpkin, minestrone, chicken--any type really. Thicker than the summer versions, but just as salty as summer/dehydration quenching versions.

          And flu soup: chicken stock (fond memories), pepper flakes (vitamin C), 1-2 smashed garlic (anti-bacterial), a few grates of fresh ginger (stomach settling), sea salt (throat soothing). Thinner when one is ill, thickened with some root vegetables or rice to make it more satisfying.

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          1. re: Caralien

            Caralien, I make a variation of your flu soup any time I'm feeling a little under the weather (or just want to warm up)...No ginger or sea salt in my variation. I squeeze in 1/2 a lemon (or use ReaLemon if I don't have a real lemon!) and cook pastina it. This week I wanted it a bit more substantial, so I beat an egg and cooked that in, too. Same recipe can be used over angel hair (minus the egg) with the addition of sauteed chicken. We just called it "chicken lemon" and topped it with grated cheese. :)

            I, too, love shepherd's pie, regular chili and white chicken chili. And chicken pot pie!

            1. re: Caralien

              Caralien, I don't want the flu, but I want your flu soup! Would like to make up a batch to freeze (will it freeze ok?) for myself and to drop off to ill friends!

              1. re: ideabaker

                If you're going to freeze the soup, I suggest keeping it at the reduced stock stage and making ice-cubed sized portions which can be reconstituted in a small pan of water since even a pint-sized block of ice takes days to thaw!

                1. re: Caralien

                  Caralien, forgive me for being dense, but what do you mean by "reduced stock stage"?


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    More evaporated, concentrated. All of my stocks are at least a 4x reduction, but I'm running out out of space and will probably be making 10x reductions.

                    The flu soup is best fresh; I brought a pint-sized mason jar of the 4x reduction to my BIL, and used what they had on hand to make flu soup. If I were to package it as a gift, portions of the spices frozen as serving sizes to be reconstituted with the broth would be the next best thing to freshly grated spices.

                    1. re: Caralien

                      So, you just cook it down longer until it reduces? That is such a terrific idea!


              2. re: Caralien

                btw: I decided to keep the shoulder roasting at 200F for another 14 hours (30 hours total), with the internal temperature remaining at 160F since 10PM last night. After tasting it at 10am, I texted my husband to come home for lunch for fresh BBQ. YUM! Now I'm really looking forward to braising the bison brisket in a few days!

                1. re: Caralien

                  Um, Caralien, you are amazing! You had me at the roasting shoulder! :-)

                  The reason CH is so great is everything we learn from one another... slow cooked food tastes better, everything can tenderize and absorb flavours... your hubby is lucky to be able to go get his fresh BBQ! Am going to try something like this soon, it is certainly the weather for it!

                2. re: Caralien

                  Another bout of snow predicted for tomorrow...fortunately, we are equipped with a freshly made batch of chicken and rice noodle soup. And, now that I am back at the salt mines, after a month off, the chicken soup feels like great nourishment to body and soul. Yeah for the comfort of food.

                  1. re: lifespan

                    It's 70 today ... not to rub it in but I still enjoy comfort food. Bean and ham soup Good loaf of pumpernickle in the bread maker. I cheat I use that now and then.

                    1. re: lifespan

                      Just pulled out two big loaves of cornbread to accompany the chicken rice and veggie soup and Greek lentil soup down in the extra fridge. Is it possible to anticipate slush, sleet, freezing rain and snow? Where food is concerned, yes!

                      1. re: ideabaker

                        I won't tell you that it is sunny 74 and georgous. I was out by the pool for a bit today. Day off. Sorry. For what it is worth ... A great pasta carbanara tonight. Still comfort food. A roasted veggie salad with my oiless egg dressing. Great flavor. I did bake fresh pumpernickle too (ok bread maker I cheated. It is great)

                        1. re: kchurchill5

                          Kchurchill5, I wish I could lay in a T shirt on your porch, patio, driveway, anything... it snowed and iced up days ago here, and that hasn't melted and now more tomorrow. Glad you still enjoy comfort food! Am planning on bunkering in tomorrow (after the doc's appt.) and waiting for a warmer day.

                          p.s. Your roasted veggie salad sounds incredible, though I would throw some extra virgin olive oil on (I need the extra fat, it's winter up here!). I would sop up the juices with the pumpernickle... :-).

                        2. re: ideabaker

                          We anticipate too. But do not relish...

                          1. re: lifespan

                            Haha, Lifespan, so true. Am trying to figure out a new excuse for missing the Chiropractor's appt. in the a.m. when it will be very messy out. But I've canceled on the last few icy days and can't cancel in good conscious. Not relishing the eight-block drive, but the thought of the soups and cornbread, oh yeah, baby!

                    2. chili
                      turkey and wild mushroom meatloaf with savory mushroom gravy
                      split pea and cannellini chowder
                      crock pot baked potato soup
                      bbq pork sandwiches
                      creamy chicken and green chili enchiladas
                      pumpkin oatmeal with cranberries and pecans

                      to name just a few