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Jan 18, 2009 08:56 AM

malta anyone?

i'm pretty new to malta, but from what i've come to understand, many cultures have different versions of the same thing.
i'm looking to buy a few different types and wondered where all you hounds got your favorite malta.

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  1. Eh? Please be more specific. Are you asking about Maltese cuisine? Or a dish or food called malta that I am unaware of?


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    1. re: luhkee

      I think he is referring to a type of non alcoholic beverage.


      1. re: Servorg

        yes, malta is a "non alcoholic beverage", otherwise known as soda,

        it's a sort of coffee-ish tinted bubbly beverage. malt is a hard flavor to define. but anyway there are a several brands (particularly out of the caribbean) that make chilled soda malta.

        btw, these are very good in cocktails as mixers. trust me. experiment.

    2. You didn't mention what part of town you're in, but I've seen multiple brands in many Latino supermarkets.

      I get it at the one in Echo Park on Alvarado near the corner of Sunset, but that's my hood.

      1. Either of the two Portos locations carry Malta.

        1. yeah sorry about the mixup.
          i'm looking for the beverage.
          i'm out here on the westside, so it's a bit far to get to porto's or galco's.
          i went to tropi-cuba cafe on prof. salt's recommendation and had one there.
          i just want a whole case, especially after seeing blais from top chef do those ribs glazed with malta.