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Jan 18, 2009 08:55 AM

What are the best bacons made in New England, especially Maine?

I've been asked to do several bacon tasting events in NYC in a few weeks showcasing the best bacons from New England, and especially Maine. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not aware of any in Maine but Harrington's in Vermont makes excellent bacon. I know there is another place called Dakins Farm- not sure where they are in New England- that has smoked products.

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    1. re: emilief

      Dakin Farm in Vermont has fantastic bacon.

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        I like Harrington's a lot, too. I'm quite fond lately of Vermont Smoke and Cure - they also make the venison smoked sausage about which i've waxed on elsewhere.

      2. I love the bacon from North Country Smokehouse in New Hampshire. We only get it on special occasions as it's quite pricey, but on Christmas morning it was as good as ever.

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          another vote for north country smokehouse, though I don't even find it that pricey - seems pretty much the same as any other good bacon.

        2. Geez - 0 for 3 with Maine. Maybe it's just lobstah and sea urchins downeast - no pigs.

          But here's a great place in CT:

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            I was just reading the posts here and I was going to mention Nodine's as well but Applehome beat me to it!(LOL)
            We prefer Nodine's richly smoked bacons to the more commercial brands of Harrington's and Dakin Farms which are more mass-produced.

            1. re: catnip

              I'll third Nodine's. That was always a stop on the way home anytime we were remotely in that neck of the woods. :)

          2. Smith's Log Smokehouse in Monroe, ME

            I haven't tried thier bacon yet, but the Salmon, Salamis, and Sausages are all very good.

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            1. re: Infomaniac

              I tried Vermont Smoke & Cure Maple smoked no nitrate/nitrite bacon over the holidays and thought it one of the best I've ever had. Would rate it much higher then Harringtons or Nadines. Sorry, no idea of Maine bacons though.

            2. Smith's Smokehouse (can't remember what town) in Downeast Maine has a GREAT Blackstrap Bacon!