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Jan 18, 2009 08:50 AM

Need to find another BYOB a bit away from the Ardmore area, Please help!

Going out this weekend with some folks from the area. We need to get out of the 'hood for some privacy, though! Prefer a BYOB. Alba can't take us for a weekend reservation (surprise!) and I would really appreciate any suggestions of places NOT in the immediate area of Wynnewood, etc. The guests would prefer "American or Italian types", not real ethnic like Indian, Ethiopian, etc. you get the idea...any and all help and advice is surely appreciated!

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  1. Try Mimosa in West Chester--new winter menu is terrific--check out their menu at their website. Alternatively, try Allegria'a near Exton--good Italian, very cozy.

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      Thanks for the reply, storm! We ended up at Lourdes Taverna in Bryn Mawr. This was closer to home than what we had hoped for, but it was superb, as it always is and we didn't run into any people that we knew, and that was the goal here...We will get to your 2 suggestions eventually!