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Jan 18, 2009 08:35 AM

Rome near train station

We're in Rome this week, staying near Termini train station. Please recommend some restaurants within walking distance or easy to get to by Metro.

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  1. Close to Termini and closer to Porta Pia I suggest AL GRAPPOLO D'ORO and, mandatory, do not miss their Carbonara, in my opinion the best in Rome.

    1. trimani wine bar. good for either lunch or dinner. informal, fun. the food is light enough to encourage exploring the wines. i've killed many an hour there.

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      1. re: steve h.

        Oh, Steve, my God ! Trimani Wine bar. You know it and so you know that there is the wine bar at Via Cernaia and the very big wine shop after the corner, at Via Goito.
        Well, I had been living in that palace, whose owner is Trimani family, for three years ( '91 - '93) and there I began to improve my knowledge about wines and I became sommelier.
        I have a wonderful memory about those three years and I am very glad and proud that tourists appreciate the Trimani Wine Bar. I want to tell you "grazie !"

        1. re: vidanto

          prego, vidanto.

          trimani wine bar is one of my favorite spots to sit, drink some wine, nibble on some food and thoroughly enjoy life. you were quite fortunate to have been associated with such a fine family.

      2. We had an amazing meal our last night in Rome at a little family owned place called Cecio. It's on Principe Amedeo, just a few blocks from Termini. Head south from the train station, take a left on Principe Amedeo and it will be on your left-hand side.

        Homemade pasta, good wine, and excellent steak au poivre!

        1. Taverna Flavia on Via Flavia is pretty close, and was our best meal in Rome with good execution on every dish we ordered and fair prices. Walls are covered in kitschy celebrity photos, but the food was traditional yet well prepared, including the only poultry we had in 2+ weeks of stuffing ourselves silly in Italy that wasn't overcooked.