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Jan 18, 2009 07:41 AM

Seville oranges - where at ?

Anyone knows where I could find a decent number of Seville oranges ? My GF needs (yes, needs) to make marmalade. We got them from Chez Louis last year, but couldn't find them this year. Any other possible source ?

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  1. I have seen them in the past at Akhavan in NDG- but I would call first before you go. I've also seen them at PA and at Mourelatos (both downtown and St. Laurent).

    1. Though they're in season in Spain and United States hounds recently reported buying them, I associate them more with February-March. Haven't seen any this winter. Expect they'll be showing up in local stores soon. ExoFruits will certainly have them, as will Chez Louis and Chez Nino. Will report any sightings.

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      1. re: carswell

        I have not yet seen them at these places, and I looked yesterday. I am starting to see blood oranges though. Not many, but the season is early.

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          Ah, so we're probably just too early then. We'll give it a go in a couple of weeks. Thanks all !

      2. It's too early for sevilles here yet. Usually they show up around end of Feb and beginning of March if I remember correctly since I buy them from akhavan's to make marmalde myself. Only problem is that the ones at Akhavan can have spots of mould so you'll have to wash with table salt and water a bit to really clean them. Last year the sevilles at Akhavan were grown in Arizona.

        1. ExoFruits on CĂ´te-des-Neiges had them on Thursday. $1.99/lb if I recall correctly. Time to think about preparing the amazing Sour Orange and Cumin Roasted Chicken (reverse-engineered from a recipe published in the NYT -- -- by replacing all the citrus fruit with Seville oranges and skipping the searing in oil step). Seville orange juice is great for seviche, too.

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            Excellent. We'll check it out this weekend. THanks !

            1. re: johnnyboy

              Saw some at Supermarché PA on Park Ave. this afternoon. Obviously it's Seville orange season in Montreal.

          2. Akhavan has them, don't remember the price though. (sorry!)