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Jan 18, 2009 07:23 AM

Sushi 101 Bloor/ Howland\Borden - a quick review

Sushi 101, open for a month now, gets a passing 'B' grade.

The real concern is how it will differentiate itself from the half dozen other Sushi restaurants within a stone's throw.

We ate passable Maguro sushi - too much Wasabi, so a nice blast through the tubes but destroyed any tuna flavour. The Bento box of Teryaki chicken was well loaded and the two sets of cucumber and avocado rolls that accmpanied it were fine but not exceptional. The miso soup was standard as was the salads of iceberg + dressing out of a bottle. The shrimp tempura was hot and had a good batter, the veggies with it were just broccoli, (as tempura, this never makes sense to me), sweet potatoe and courgette/Zucchini - nothing to write an essay about. The black sesamie ice-cream was a new one on us, so interesting as a novelty but not much else.
Sevice was sweet and attentive. Music techno-pop/Korean.
Total cost including tip $32. They don't serve alcohol.

So, just being next door to "Sushi on Bloor " must in itself be a challenge. (Sushi 101 address; 513 Bloor, where I seem to remember a Tex Mex place called Las Iguanas [?] was.)
Because they are new they are trying hard, overall though they don't offer anything different or better than the surrounding competition.

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  1. I was about to get some Sushi On Bloor later tonight. So Sushi 101 is comparable, food-wise? Is it at least cheaper, then?

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      I wouldn't say it is much cheaper. However, they are new, so they are trying to please. The food is comparable, maybe not quite as good, ( there are many die-hard loyal followers of Sushi on Bloor).
      I would encourage you to try and then add your own veiws to this post for others!!!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Ive checked out this place too. I was curious and decided to give it a try.
        They have more vegetarian options available for their specials compared to Sushi on Bloor.
        I did take-out twice...and once again, cant complain for that type of money.

      2. How it will differentiate itself:

        By not being closed down by food inspectors!!

        1. Last Sunday detoured to Sushi-101 after discovering that Sushi-on-Bloor was closed. Anyhow, thought to myself that this is a chance for Sushi-101 to shine. Instead service was slow, and food was only ok.

          My sashimi appetizer arrived in the middle of the meal after the sushi came out (wth!). We (3 of us) waited over an hour for the food to come, meanwhile watching all the bento boxes come out for tables that ordered after us (again, wth!). Anyhow, left after 1.5 hours when the last dish didn't even turn up. Due to our constant probing, we were offered 'free edamame' which came 20 mins after the first sushi dish arrived (final, wth!). Too bad the edamame was too salty and overcooked (wonder if we were being punished?). Will never returned there again.