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Jan 18, 2009 07:09 AM

heart health mediterranean diet cookbook?

My husband recently had a heart attack, I am aware of the importance of a mediterranean diet in helping reverse his heart disease. What are some recommendations for good cookbooks that have this sensibility? I already have many of the classics, but they are not particularly focused on the healthful diet aspects of that cuisine. Ideas?

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    1. I like "The Mediterrasian Way" by Watson and Thelander
      They mixed Mediterranean and Asian diets. The book discusses the diet and lifestyle and has recipes and sample menus. I'm glad someone found a way to fit sushi in!

      Here's a link to their informative website:

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        Thanks, both cookbooks are on the way!

      2. Glad to hear he made it through the heart attack! I don't have a cookbook to offer, but I do have some experience as my months of nausea turned out to be heart attacks. One of the people I met through rehab and a support group recommended Dr. Ornish Lifestyle / Diet recommendations when I asked about reversing my heart disease. He is not one of the wackos found on the internet hawking snake oil, he has measured results showing the benefits. I came across some of his information at WebMD, and at the WebMD message boards - Visit and search for 'ornish' too.

        I had to make some drastic changes and my family made a lot of them too - reading labels (no partially or fully hydrogenated anything), switching to Smart Balance (I cut out all butter and butter replacement type products and only use this for cooking occasionally), cholesterol drugs for me, eat more shrimp (a little Carapelli olive oil and a dusting of Seafood Magic and onto the grill), baked 'fried' chicken and fries, for a few examples.

        For some humor with food recommendations, take a look at the 'Eat This, Not That' books. We have quite a bit of fun going through the web pages and books pointing out the things we used to eat.

        Also try to find a support group in your area. The one I attend occasionally has a discussion on eating for heart health.

        Best of Luck!

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          Thanks so much. I was also given two more cookbook suggestions, the Flexitarian Table and Super Natural by Swanson. He's doing well and our whole family is going to be healthier as a result!

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