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Jan 18, 2009 07:06 AM

recs near Sheraton Seattle

Hi - I will be in Seattle starting Jan. 20 for 5 days for a conference and will be staying at the Sheraton Seattle (1400 Sixth Ave). I am looking for restaurant recommendations for dinner that are within a reasonable and safe (15-20 min max) walking distance of the hotel. I enjoy all types of cuisine - especially Thai and Vietnamese but would like to try any Seattle or Pacific Northwest specialties, including seafood or other foods that have been locally sourced. Most likely I will be with a party of 4-6 most nights. Most any price range except the ridiculously high (e.g., dinner entrees over $35-40) is acceptable. Thanks!

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  1. Mike, Seattle is a very safe city. When you're walking at night and see someone who looks shady or dangerous, they are probably an elected official. The Sheridon is very close to Belltown and the Pike Place Market both are known for good food. 1. Palace Kitchen 2. Flying Fish 3. Maximillien's at the Market (the upstairs bar is rustic, informal and more fun than the more formal dining downstairs. Order the Mussels.) 4. Matt's at the Market 5. 94 Stewart Street 6. Serious Pie 7. Steelhead diner. I would also suggest a couple of places that are a short, inexpensive cab ride: Quinn's on Capital Hill and Greenleaf in the International District. All are proven Chowhound destinations that will ensure your Seattle visit was memorable. Enjoy!

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      I echo the endorsement for Palace Kitchen, Matt's in the Market, Quinn's and especially Green Leaf.

    2. I would also recommend Tulio. It's a brief walk south and the food is fabulous.

      1. What the others say is very true- You are a short walk from most downtown restaurants worth mentioning... Palace Kitchen, Steelhead Diner, & Matt's in the Market are great recommendations- I would also suggest taking a short cab ride to Tamarind Tree or Green Leaf- They are clsoe in proximity to each other- Both are Vietnamese and highly thought of in the Northwest food scence.

        Also- For group drinks and light dinner consider- Spur and Txori
        Also- Consider UMI, Shiro's, Restaurant Zoe, Barolo, and for a fun KITCKY dinner Mama's Mexican Kitchen

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          thanks, everybody, for replying so quickly. I will try to check out these recommendations as time allows, and report back.

        2. One of my favorite places for seafood is Union at 1st and Union - just 6 or 7 blocks from your hotel.

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            For Vietnamese, the best in town is Tamarind Tree in the international District. It's maybe a 5 minute cab ride from the Sheraton. There is another good place only one block from the Shearaton called Bambuza that's an option that's close by.

          2. thanks again for all the suggestions. I wound up dining at the following places:

            Brooklyn Seafood, Oyster & Steak House on 2nd Ave - was there one day for happy hour and thus partook of locally brewed beers (a Leavenworth Wheat and some type of Amber) and 99 cent raw oysters. very friendly staff at the bar who were willing to explain the virtues of various oyster species. oysters served with cocktail sauce, freshly grated (actually tiny julienne strips) horseradish and a wine-based vinagrette. I prefer oysters without anything to impede their fresh briny taste.

            I returned a few nights later with a friend and sat at the chef's counter, which was basically a very upscale diner counter along the open kitchen. We had more raw oysters as well as Oysters Brroklyn (the house version of Oysters Rockefeller), and both chose Chilean Sea bass as entrees. The fish had a light crust of Yukon Gold potatoes and was accompanied by whipped potatoes and some greens - all was outstanding. was not impressed by the pomegranate sorbet (I swear it was red raspberry and not pomegranate.

            Tom Jackson's Palace Kitchen - I ate dinner at the bar. started with wonderful Piedmontese-style ravioli filled with roast pork and chard. they were very delicate in a nice butter sauce and very plentiful for an appetizer. main course was sauteed Alaskan black cod on rusticella d'abruzzo spaghetti, pine nuts, and black olive (along with radichhio and baby bok choy). this was outstanding - very flavorful and a notch or two above the Brooklyn's sea bass.

            Tulio - an Italian restaurant near my hotel. five of us arrived with reservations for 7:30 and were not seated until about 8:15, and we suffered from relatively slow and inattentive service all evening. nevertheless, the food was very good. we shared two orders of sweet potato gnocchi, which apparently are one of their signature dishes. these were like small 'tater tots of semi-crispy sweet potato surrounding mascarpone cheese and swathed in sage butter. we each chose a different dish. My grilled lamb was cooked perfectly medium as ordered but accompanied by slightly cool veggies. Others had the huge veal chop stuufed with mozzarella, spinach, leeks, and truffle oil topped by a large piece of cripsy prosciutto; linguini with local clams; ravioli with salmon, asparagus, and and lemon cream (this looked and smelled heavenly); and orecchiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. we all were more than satisfied with the food, but felt that the waiter was inexperienced.

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              Good to know you enjoyed our city Mike. While at Brooklyn, did you try the Kumomoto or Kushi oysters? I'm with you. Give me oysters on the half shell unadorned aka "naked". They're yummy!

              Palace Kitchen is a Tom Douglas (not Jackson) restaurant. Terrific food, agreed. I don't care for his Lola outlet. Dahlia Lounge, Serious Pie and Flying Fish are the other Douglas outlets that readily come to mind - all good.

              Tulio's food is consistently good - serivce is consistently if-y. Glad you had good flavors despite the service issues.

              Can we count on you when we come to your neck of the woods for recommendations?

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                Just an FYI: Flying Fish is NOT a Tom Douglas restaurant. But it is an excellent restaurant in its own right.

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                  sure - I am a regular reader and poster on the "Tri-State Region" Chowhound Board, which includes the mid-Hudson Valley where I live and work.

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                  Mike - I was just in downtown - stayed at the Vintage Park where Tulios is. I gotta say that my experience, servicewise, is the complete opposite of yours. We walked in with no reservations and were offered a short wait or a table in the bar by the exec chef, Walter Pisano. We had a quick chat with him and then were seated in the bar where the service was excellent. We too had several dishes - the sweet potato gnocchi were excellent as was the swordfish and the lamb. My only complaint was they had run out of cannoli - a treat nowhere to be found in my neck of the woods but the bartender asked if we were staying there and if so, to let him know and he'd save one for me.

                  The next nite, we attended the wine reception and passed the chef who remembered us and went out of his way to chat about our restaurant choices for that evening to the point that he recommended several places based on our food choices. Then he made reservations for us at the Steellhead Diner - and saved a plate of cannoli for my return that evening.

                  We went to many places during our visit and received excellent service at most of them - with the sole exception being the Pyramid Brewery where we stopped during for a snack during the boat show.