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Jan 18, 2009 06:36 AM

Nice Time at Earth, Bread & Brewery

We finally made it over to E, B&B in Mt. Airy last night. Arrived around 7:45 the place was absolutely packed. I guess the 2 bell review from Craig Laban has been good for business! The wait for a table was 1 hour so we opted to go to the upstairs bar, and we able to snag two seats after about 10 minutes. We decided to eat at the bar, which was perfectly OK for the two of us.

I really liked the place and it is really inexpensive. The beers on tap are $3.75 for a 13 oz and $5.00 for a 20 oz. pour. A yummy plate of olives enough for two was $6.00 (you can order the olives served hot or cold) and a large traditional pizza (tomato sauce, mozzarella, and arugula) was $10.00. As a bonus, there are complimentary baskets of delicious cinnamon raisin bread that were placed around the bar. This bread is sooo good, with a hearty texture, not too many raisins, and a really crunchy crust dusted with cinnamon. It was a great match for the beer.

Really liked the flatbread pizza though they cut it up in peculiar rectangles rather than the usual triangle shapes. It may be because the crust is so thin it really doesn't have much stiffness, so even with the small pieces I found myself "folding over" the pieces which worked really well to enclose the pieces of arugula. I never had greens on a pizza before and really liked it!

As for the beers: There were 4 choices of house brewed beers and a half dozen or so "guest" beers. After reading Laban's column, I had to try the "Bradley Effect" though after tasting it I did regret choosing it. The bartender steered me to the De Raine Pore, a Finnish style Sahti, which she claimed was the best beer she had tasted from the place. It was a nice, light wheat beer, and would have made a perfect complement to the flatbread pizza if I hadn't already finished the glass by the time the pizza arrived. I wanted to try different beers, so I ordered the Santos L. Harper, which was described as "mild" and actually was a rich brown color with plenty of taste but not too heavy or alcoholic. Though, the flavor did overpower the traditional pizza which had a very delicate taste.

All in all, I'd say we'll return, but probably on a weeknight to avoid the crowd. Note about the partking. We drove around for a whille looking for a space on the street, After we found one, we noticed on our walk to the place that there is a municipal parking lot just behind the restaurant. Its not very well marked but its there just down the driveway on the side.

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  1. Is this in Mt. Airy in Penn somewhere or in Cincinnati?

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      It's on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia (Mt. Airy)

    2. ah, this makes me want to return...

      great review!! we got the same pizza you did, although we got a seed pizza too. if you return, i highly, highly advise you try the seed. i had looked at the website menu prior to my dining there a couple months ago, and as soon as i saw that i knew it was the pizza for me. and it was! i drooled over this pizza. i dream about this pizza.
      eb+b was the last place i chose to dine at prior to going carless (i intentionally picked a place i'd been wanting to try that i knew would be hard to get to later). it was such a good pick and now i'm upset with how difficult it is to find my way back there! (gonna have to schlep up there on the 23 bus, i think)

      you're right, the value is GREAT for the food you get. super quality, totally inexpensive. very simple, excellent salads too. ah i can't wait to get back there.

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        I agree, I went with my inlaws last night and we shared a bunch, had every type of pizza on the menu, and the seed was my favorite, fallowed by the sausage and then the regular. I have to say, though, that we were there on a Saturday night and there were a LOT of children that were there. Not saying that would prevent me from going again since the seed pizza was so good, but was not quite what I expected.

        I was also hoping to have at least 4 beers, only 3 brews that they made were there. There were all different and good in their own way. Definitely want to go back again.

        1. re: king10000

          too funny - i was there last night - the 25th. at first i didn't see your posting date and assumed you must have been sitting near me, because two couples had something like 4 kids right by my table, and they were totally inattentive - those kids were all over the place. i mean, that's all well and good at chuck e cheese, but not what i'd expect at a brewery! it wouldn't prevent me from going, either, but man it sure did reaffirm my stance that i will never, ever have children!! :)

          our server was a hot mess... we got there early, and the place filled up FAST. a bunch of waitstaff must have decided to all not show up, because he was the only one for at least 10 tables, three of which were large parties ranging between 8 and 10 people. it was madness. one of our pizzas came out 10 mins before the other. desserts took forever, and spoons to eat said desserts with took even longer! no checking back on the table to see how things were. it was a lot for one person, to be sure, but they should have pulled the hostess or something creative. it's not like there were any empty tables, and people seemed to be sitting themselves anyway. whew! that aside, i really have to give them kudos for... their salad dressing!!! it sounds simple i know but rare is it that i rave about a salad. house salad - excellent. nice full of flavor balsamic. i don't know how they coax that much flavor out of the dressing. don't miss it if you go!

          got the seed pizza again (couldn't help myself) and while it wasn't as transcendent as last time, it was still pretty good. this time it could be described as pretty much just a darn good white pizza. maybe the seeds weren't as toasted, or something?
          my friend got the roasted vegetable pizza. i was a little wary of this, because it didn't specify which vegetables and i was worried they might sog up the pizza. which they did, a little, in the longer slices in the middle. came with mushrooms, peppers, carrots. i was a bit 'meh' on that pizza. not having the sauce on my white pizza really makes the crust pop. i'll probably stick with my seed recommendation. :) i had 2 beers, the "we heavy, yo" and "santos l. halper" (simpsons reference - usually pop culture goes right over my head but i was proud to actually get this one!!). the latter was a bit weak for me. the former had a nice sweet molasses taste and was pretty darn strong, at 8.-something%. i had two. cause i had the time to, after all, in between courses!

          dessert was the only thing that i didn't finish. i had a banana bread pudding. i didn't taste the bananas, and it was chewy in some places and hard in others. i was not a fan of this bread pudding. actually, the best bread pudding in the city, IMHO, can be found at ortliebs. the cook has a million different types, and i've tried three of them (the other night had the sticky bun B.P., just like a decadent french toast) - they're all excellent. also, though i wouldn't recommend ordering anything else, the bread pudding at the world cafe live was actually stupendous. surprised?! i sure was!