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Jan 18, 2009 06:31 AM

kosher in the village

I'm planning to go a theatre on Bleeker St (near Lafayette) and wanted a relatively close place to have dinner beforehand. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I think of the Indian places on 6th between 1st and 2nd, there may be a kosher one, but I'm not sure. There's also Sacred Chow on Sullivan between MacDougal and Bleecker (they have supervision, but not all accept it), a falalfel place on Lafayette and Spring maybe? And another on University and 12th or 13th. The University one is shomer shabbat, the Lafayette one isn't.

    1. cafe madras, caravan of dreams

      1. There are a few choices there :

        Urban Pita, 189 East Houston Street, Between Orchard Street and Ludlow Street
        Hoomoos Asli,100 Kenmare Street, Between Mulberry Street and Centre Street
        Wild Ginger, 380 Broome Street, Between Mulberry and Mott Streets
        Madras Cafe, 79 Second Avenue, Between East 4th Street & East 5th Street
        Pinisi Cafe & Bakery, 128 East 4th Street, Between First and Second Avenues

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