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Jan 18, 2009 06:06 AM

80th birthday party Toms River area

We are looking for a place to hold an 80th birthday party in June. About 30 people and possibly a place a private party room. gusts range in age from 11 months to 80+ years.
Any suggestions? Already found Bistro 44 looking for other options to check into.

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  1. Although my first thought would be B44, another idea is Villa Amalfi.

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      I've gone to several functions at Villa Amalfi - they do a nice job and seem to have something to suit every age group/taste.

    2. Believe it or not, I went to two b'day celebrations at this place and had a blast. It was for my uncle's 90 and my aunt's 80th just two months ago. It was the Holiday City Diner!! It is on Mule Road in Holiday City. Great food and reasonable. I had seafood over pasta in an alfredo sauce and it was wonderful!!!