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Jan 18, 2009 05:48 AM

Indian Cookbooks

I'm really interested in learning to cook Indian food and need a great cookbook. I don't want one that is overly complicated or has recipes that require a lot of unusual/hard to find ingredients. Two I'm considering are:

Madhur Jeffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking
5 Spices, 50 dishes: Simple Indian Recipes Using 5 Common Spices
Easy Indian Cooking

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  1. I'm in the UK and recently bought Anjum Anand's new one... Indian Made Easy. She's a cook that has had a few TV programmes here showing very good recipes. I've made quite a few of the things in the cookbook and am very impressed with how easy they are and also how delicious!

    My husband is British and is amazed what this little Yank has produced. :-) Some of the spices might be difficult to find in a U.S. supermarket but there are probably lots of online sites that sell them, like they do in England.

    I'm not sure if has the book, but I highly recommend it. The recipes are from all over India, so a wide range of cuisines are shown. As I've learned, there's no such as 'Indian' cooking per se.

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      You now need to go and buy the book of the second series - with the defined regional dishes. I didnt like the first series but have been won over now.

      The OP is on the right track though - you can't go wrong with Madhur Jaffrey. Her 1973 "Indian Cooking" still comes of fthe shelves now and again but her recent "Curry Bible" is set to be a winner (Zuriga - WH Smith had it very heavily discounted just before Christmas and will be worth searching out)


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        I think I misspoke (mistyped?), John. The book I got IS the one for the second series. My son always gives me an Amazon gift certificate, and I got this straightaway. I've made so many good dishes from it, and am very pleased.

        Sidenote... might try again to see Chester in April. I never got there the first time! Must go to Manchester for an errand one of these days.

    2. there is a thread that fleshes out these questions, already here: