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Jan 18, 2009 03:12 AM

Where to find Alden Merrill cakes

Hi all,

Two weeks ago, I was surprised to see that Market Basket featured AM loaf cakes in its weekly circular but, as I found out later (after heading to their Somerville store), only at its locations with in-store bakeries. I thought they were out of business. Does anyone know of any other retail stores that sell them on a regular basis?

p.s. I'm confused: Why would they sell pre-made cakes at only in-store bakery locations anyway? Just a retorical question.


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  1. I was curious, too. I found a corporate hdqrtrs listing in Newburyport. You could call them.

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      I just looked further and found an article saying "the Heinz Company DBA The Alden Merrill Cheesecake Factory". I guess that's what happened to them. Big business.....

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        Alden Merrell was already "big business" when Heinz bought them in 2000. Sales were over $30 million. The retail operation was jsut a tiny sliver of their output, as they wholesaled to supermarkets and institutions. No reason to think their quality would have been better, worse, or different after the sale.

    2. They may be made in-store under license.

      1. Since the AM bakeries closed, I've only seen them at the Market Basket stores with bakeries, however, a few months ago, a friend was telling me AM has an outlet store at their factory in Newburyport..

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          I have seen AM in Market Basket as well.

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            Have visited outlet store many great bargains...probably not worth a long ride...but certainly worth visiting if you like their products

          2. Believe it or not, if you're an inpatient at Newton-Wellesley Hospital you can have a slice of AM cake with every meal! Not sure if the means are worth the end in this case however. :)

            1. 1) Yes, Market Basket seems to be the only retail store that sells AM cakes. I think the reason there has to be an instore bakery is that they get large shipments of FROZEN AM cakes and the cakes need to be refrigerated. The MB bakeries are equipped with the walk in freezers to handle the cakes and put them out on display in the refrigerator cases as needed. They also will decorate/write on the cakes if desired.

              2)While the Market Baskets that do carry AM have a decent selection of the AM cakes (ie: cheesecakes, chocolate, chaos pie, etc.), they don't have anywhere near the complete array of products. For that, I'm afraid, you do have to go to the AM outlet store in Newburyport. They have LOTS of products there that you'll never even smell at Market Basket (oreo mousse pie!)! But, as others have already mentioned, for the most part, the "outlet store" is no discount store, except for having a "seconds" freezer (but you never know what will be offered there).