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Fresh Burrata

I want to know where I can buy fresh burrata in Los angeles? I have been enjoying it in restaurants and would like to get some for the house. Around the Grove, or in the general Los Angeles area would be great. TIA

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  1. Beverly Hills Cheese Store. http://www.cheesestorebh.com/

    By the way, wouldn't this post be more appropriate on the Los Angeles board?

    1. Bristol Farms has it. About $9 for the little tub. I'm not sure if that qualifies as "fresh" enough, but every time I've seen it, the expiration date wasn't far away, but I know it's not the stuff that's flown in from Italy the night before.

      1. THE fresh burrata maker in LA is Caseificio Gioia, in South El Monte (it's probably their burrata that you're eating in restaurants, though I heard that Mozza's is flown in from Italy.)

        You can get it a lot of places, such as Bristol Farms, Wally's Wine on Westwood, Surfas, etc. Retailers get the cheese twice a week. Ask them which day they get it, and then you can go there the same day.

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          You can go to Gioia in South El Monte and buy it directly from the maker. Just go to the office and tell them how many you want. It's half the price at least buying it this way.

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            any idea how long the burrata lasts? i may pick some up as i'll be in the sgv this sat.

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                thanks. i guess i won't be buying as much as i previously envisioned. haha.

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              just to follow up, here is an email reply from gioia regarding pick up of cheese from their office:


              You are welcome to visit our factory and buy our cheese.

              Sorry but we are closed weekends. Our operations Hours are M-F 8 AM TO 7 PM.

              We take cash or checks. No Credit Cards.

              Thank you.
              Gioia Cheese Co.

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                I was planning to go on Saturday too. Looks like I'm making a trip there after work.

          2. Check Joan's on Third since you're so close. If not them, BHCS surely has it. If you're in Silver Lake, you can get it at the SLCS, too.

            1. I got you covered, Tutto Latte Express on Vine street. They sell Burrata from Gioia for $3.50 a ball, they mostly supply restaurants but they also have a storefront. Definitely going to be cheaper than Bristol Farms or any of the other places mentioned (except the factory) for the same cheese, I highly recommend them.

              Tutto Latte Express
              1233 Vine St.
              Los Angeles, CA 90038

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                  They also have it at the Cheese Store next to Cafe Stella in Silverlake, luscious.

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                    That'd be the Silver Lake Cheese Store (SLCS).

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                  any idea when this place is open? I've always wanted to check it out and it never seems open. thanks for the number!

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                    They keep regular business hours, M-Sat, think they close up around 6. They are closed Sunday but sometimes you can catch them in there and they will hook you up.

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                    i went there yesterday! i was driving down Vine and spotted it, remembering this post. $3.50 for a little ball of fresh burrata. It was a great find, thanks for the tip!

                  3. Also Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City has it.

                    Artisan Cheese Gallery
                    12023 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA

                    1. I just saw some fresh Burrata at the Trader Joes in Culver City.

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                        what tj's sells is most assuredly not burrata, despite the label. it was cheap, but a big waste of money. no flavor or texture (e.g., creaminess) whatsoever.

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                          I've had my share of TJ's burrata, and must disagree. It is not an exceptional product like Gioia, which is truly fine, but it IS acceptable, and for the price, it is a good substitute for everyday use, and compares favorably with what the larger supermarkets in L.A. offer. It is better and cheaper.

                      2. The burrata at Artisan Cheese Store in Studio City is flown in from Italy and is amazing - not cheap however $15 per ball

                        1. You want the goia product available all over Los Angeles at most bristol farms. Delivered weekly and much tastier and fresher than any of the imported products. 10-11$ a tub actually makes it pretty good value. It has a short shelf life so don't keep it more than a few days. Expect the sell date to be very soon as well.

                          One other local vendor sells at a few places, including Joans on Third, but I don't prefer it.

                          1. I've seen burrata regularly in the cheese section at Fresh & Easy. Closest one to your area is at Hollywood & Orange in Hollywood.

                            1. The Gioia burrata can also be had at Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln in Santa Monica. Delivered there fresh every Tuesday and Friday. Burrata really should be eaten fresh and the earlier post`s comments on three days is accurate, if not on the outside edge of freshness.

                              Importantly, as I understand it, Italians do not dress there burrata with anything on top, including, especially, olive oil. Simpler is better even though most restaurants want to top the cheese with something.

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                                this is not true. Italians dress burrata with OO, salt, pepper, whatever.

                                1. Also - at Guidi Marcello's in Santa Monica.